Wednesday, June 25, 2008

life as a snake what this past week has been like.

i mean, not the slither-around-the-floor part of being a snake. because really, that would be gross.

but the shedding of the skin. although, now that i think about it, that's pretty gross too.

(fyi: i almost posted a link to snake shedding. until i actually looked at the link. and i got sick to my stomach. so i opted against it. you're welcome.)

obviously, i've been a real peach.

i've definitely racked up enough CVS frequent shopper points to win some form of cosmetic or pharmaceutical product.

what between the soothing aloe, the spray-on aloe, the banana boat solarcaine, the bactine spray, the neosporin ointment combined with the big a%$ bandage.

and guess who's applying this stuff to the places i can't reach?

mmmm...good times.

marriage builder. that's what i like to call it. not sure what he likes to call it.

annoying, maybe? getting old, probably.

so i've done my best to NOT wear anything black or dark-colored. because the white flakes aren't becoming. and today while we were at a (close) friend's house, i actually found myself borrowing her pasta spoon, just so i could really get after my shoulder blades. and she didn't even bat an eye. i almost asked her to scratch. i mean, we're close. but we're not family.

have i mentioned what a peach i've been?

and even now, i'm scooting from left to right in my chair trying not to wake up buz with my moaning and "ahhs."

mental note for future reference: one and a half hours at a sunny florida pool with not quite enough sunscreen = at least a week of total discomfort.

and have i mentioned that this week is the last week of swimming lessons for both of my children? and goo's swimming lessons? are mommy-and-me. yeah. me. in the same swimsuit. in the sun. i feel like i must look like a lifeguard from an eighties movie. with the white triangle plastered to my nose. chic. nice. clearly, i'm the envy of all the other moms (and nannies).

tomorrow is celebration day. and (shhhh...), i think daddy might surprise my kiddos and leave work for about an hour and a half to come watch. not holding my breath because he was at work late today and has a lot on his plate these days. but it will be a wonderful surprise if it does happen.

in other news, it's my parents' anniversary. they have been married FORTY-TWO YEARS. good grief. and they're still friends. and do stuff together. and enjoy doing stuff together. crazy. thanks, ace and nance for setting a good example of commitment.

after two sessions of two-week swim lessons, we are done for the summer. and big h has informed me that he will be enrolling in diver school. not diving school. diver school. apparently, there is a HUGE difference. oh, and only boys are allowed. "girls have to enroll in mermaid school."

got it.

i think that's it. i'll be back soon to report on the status of my skin. edge of your seats stuff. riveting.


Chrys and Mike said...

i L-O-V-E vibrant, summer pics! beautiful colors, gorgeous kiddos. makes me want to swim. right now. but i should probably go to bed instead.

so sorry you're miserable. from one fair sister to another, i feel your pain.


Aimee said...

Oh the peeling. You're shedding more than your skin, you shed your old template. I love the new look of the blog!

Life In Progress said...

We were at some friends' house the other day when we learned the virtues of the pasta-spoon-as-back-scratcher. You know you have lifelong friends when they'll break out the pasta spoon for you!

And those pictures of your kids.....oh so sweet!!

Jenna said...


Whew, just had to get that out there. Now, I had some things I wanted to say about the Peel Fest of 08, but sadly once my eyes gazed up that last picture of the goo, all I can focus on is the EXTREME beauty (with a little sass mixed in which thrills me beyond measure). LOVE IT.

I really am so sorry about the peeling though. I have so been there and those days, they are not fun. Hope it's getting better every day.

Oh Janet my friend, we so need to be able to go get coffee one day. I need your wisdom and your humor in my everyday life. :) I also think I need your email. Email me at if you get a chance so that I can help put your MSW to good use! Oh I kid, but the emailing could be fun. :)

P.S. The new look is so awesome and the header is PERFECTION. Love you!!!

Alana said...

Girl. That last one of Goo? You have a GIFT.

Next time I'm bringing my kiddos with me and you are TAKING THEIR PICTURES!!!

Becoming Me said...

I found your blog from Alana. Sorry about your burn. I am fair skinned and I know that pain. Cute photos and adorable children.

Colored With Memories said...

Love, Love, Love the new header.

So sorry about your peeling. My fav is putting the aloe in the fridge, but I guess you are part where your skin is on fire. Just the ashes are left now!

My most recent sunburn was on my scalp where I part my hair. I found myself explaing to strangers that I really didn't have huge dandruff flakes. It was awful.

Janelle said...

Your blog is beautiful!!!!

Hope you aren't still shedding. Nothing says good times like flaky, yucky skin!

Jenny said...

I posted a comment here days ago. It was witty and humorous. Full of spelling and grammatical errors. It has been sucked into the vast abyss of the internet. I don't remember what it said. But don't think I don't care :-)
Your kids are precious!! Absolutely precious! That last one of Goo??? Makes me want to BEG you to give up your saturday to take our pictures.