Tuesday, June 10, 2008

some of my random thoughts from the day

we had a long day today.

actually, yesterday was a long day as well. for other reasons. two little reasons under the age of four and a half that made me want to "call in sick."

didn't happen. but i can't say i treated the day with a positive attitude and a go get 'em spirit.

i'm not proud of myself.

anyhoo...there are some things that have been swirling in my head that i didn't want to forget (as this is my little scrapbook of sorts).

  • goo likes meat loaf from boston market. i know.
  • big h started a tumbling class today. he did it last summer and LOVED it, so we decided it would be our one "thing" for the summer. other than the second mortgage swim lessons, of course. and let me tell you, big h freaking ROCKS at gymnastics. say what you will about me being a bragging mom. i'm ok with that. he freaking rocks. he loves it. and is great at it.
  • the place where he takes this gymnastics class? it's not air-conditioned. *deep breath* seriously. it's not air-conditioned. one whole side of the building has those garage door type doors that she opens. but oh dear. goo and i might be in over our heads. speaking of goo's sweet little head. it was as wet as when she's done with her bath. she was a sight. (so was i.)
  • what about baseball, you might ask? yeah, not so much. "we" still go because we're teaching big h about "stick-to-it-ive-ness." (did i make up that word? maybe. i won't take credit for it if i didn't. but i sure as heck won't acknowledge its misspelling. oh how i love a correctly spelled word.) but he goes. he has a good attitude. he doesn't pitch a fit about it. he's nice to the players. but the dirt? much more interesting than the ball. so much so that he actually got pegged in the head because he wasn't paying any attention. poor guy. no head trauma, though.
  • kelly called and left a message on my voicemail that it was snowing where she lives. seriously. i mean, i'm having to buy new face soap because of the oil on my skin from the HEAT. the ninety-seven degree heat. i know boomama says she doesn't like to talk about the heat. but i'm here to tell you -- i don't mind. it's texas. it's blistering hot here. and i will talk about it a LOT these next couple of months. oh yes i will.
  • have i mentioned that i am going on vacation with JUST BUZ one week from today? i haven't? well, i'm going on vacation with JUST BUZ in one week. to florida. i know. where it's hot. but hot with a pool and no activities other than an occasional chapter in a book. i can handle that. not a beach. i wish. i'm just tagging along while he's at a conference. so big h and the goo are going to camp nana. and thanks to cute sunni over at the flying mum, i've put together little gift bags for each day we're gone. buz leaves sunday morning, and i leave tuesday morning. and we both come back friday night. four gift bags for each of them. and i only spent a total of twenty-four dollars. i'm so frugal.
  • went to target with big h and the goo. to buy fathers' day cards. here are the fathers we're celebrating around here: my dad. my husband. and my father-in-law. and without giving away any secrets or anything, the total of my bill for JUST CARDS was twenty-four dollars and eighty-six cents!!!!! are you freaking kidding me? is it wrong to take them back and make cards for these men? and since my dad RARELY reads my blog, anyone got anyone ideas for a fathers' day gift for a dad who is retired, has too much stuff, and doesn't golf or have an ipod?
  • the two swimsuits that i ordered came in the mail today. oh dear God. just one more reason i love winter so much. will be returning one of them. and the cute cover up that i ordered kind of makes up for the actual suit itself.
  • after bath time the other night, i i took big h to old navy. i wanted it to be a special little trip for the two of us. out late. just mama and boy. we went to buy him a swim suit. there is a pet smart next to the old navy. when we came out of old navy with swim suit in hand, big h looked over at pet smart and said, "before we go home, can we run in and get a pet?" uh huh. and then after that, we'll stop at the saab dealer and pick up a little something for mama. bless his heart.
  • we went to the pool this past weekend. just to get our feet wet. (sorry. bad joke.) just to let big h show off. and his idea of "going under" is well, a little different than my idea. i'm just sayin'. but honestly, the day was a great time. i had one minor concern. that goo wouldn't keep her ear plugs in. she doesn't keep 'em in in the bathtub. what made me think she would at the pool? my kids? champs. both of them kept them in and had a great time. big h has even asked to go back. this is huge, people.
  • goo wears a size FIVE diaper and a size three in clothes now. good grief. hoss.
  • right now, goo likes blueberries, yogos, cherry icees at target, and shoes. attagirl. oh, and she is MADLY in love with big h. madly. and she gives the world's tightest hug. i'm serious.
  • right now, big h likes frito chili pie without the chili, rash guards (aka swim shirts) for the pool, and word world. and goo? adores the girl. i pity the first guy to take goo on a date. between buz and big h? he won't stand a chance.
  • right now, dad likes khaki pants, coke with lime, and the nba finals, even though he despises the lakers.
  • right now, i like dr. pepper (shocker), denim skirts with t-shirts, the feet of both of my children, and nap time.

and that is all for tonight.

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trying something different. wasn't down with the dorky hallmark music. frankly, i'm lazy these days to post a bunch of pictures.


R said...

lots of stuff packed into one post!

for the father's day gift, does he drink coffee? what about a starbucks photo travel tumbler? that may be too cheesy or pedestrian...

also, there's this coffee that J loves that we can only get in Hill Country, so i've ordered him some. any special products he likes like that?

Unknown said...

Sounds like you are having a full summer. I'm with you on the denim skirt and shirt thing. I love sirts in the summer - much cooler!

Have a great trip with Buz!

Anonymous said...

big h's request to "run in and get a pet', made me laugh out loud! i can so picture it. still smiling.

for the father's day quandry: sporting event tickets?

Jenna said...

Oh how happy Wisner updates make this girl. :)

Ok, I am getting overheated just thinking about a place with no air conditioner. Jump on the bandwagon gymnastics place!!

Yay for a vacation with just you and Buz! Maybe one day all the stars will align and the kids can come to Camp Jenna. :)

Have I mentioned lately that I think your children are abnormally beautiful? I could look at pictures of them all day. And please don't get me started on goo's bathing suit. I can't handle so much adorableness this early in the morning. :)

Hope today is better for y'all!!

Colored With Memories said...

I'm all about using slideshows for pics too...so much faster! Although not great for printing out later.

Looks like y'all have been having fun. Enjoy your trip w/hubby!!

Anonymous said...

ya know that earplug thing....the ENT in b'ville said they weren't even necessary after the first couple of weeks after surgery. Tanner has tubes & we haven't used the tubes since his follow-up appt. he's totally fine.

i'd trade you places in a heartbeat weather wise....i'm so tired of the cold here...i'm ready for my kids to be in shorts & tanks & for me to be able to wear flip flops since it is increasingly difficult for me to get shoes & socks on my own feet :)

Anonymous said...

Denim skirts hmmm? Elaborate. Where do you find them? I have yet to find one that isn't
a. too long
b. too short
c. too tight
d. just the right length but with a GIANT SLIT up the back (or front)
e. just right except it's frayed or faded or something...
I could go on. But I won't.

I do believe that stick-to-it-tiveness is indeed a word. But I have never seen it spelled out. Looks to me like you did it beautifully.

Yay that Big H wants to return to the pool. We here have had a similar breakthrough with the local spray park. Hallelujah!

As usual, I've forgotten all my other witty comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up on Word World. We were not aware of it. Ben played the rhyming game for a while tonight.

R said...

i forgot to comment about father's day cards. we have about 15 to send out each year to our dads, steps, g'dads, uncles, and j's big fat mexican family. :0) so i can relate!

my solution is to take a cute photo of the girls, send it to costco.com to enlarge to 5x7 and add one of their Father's Day borders, slap a mailing label on the back with a personal message and the date, their ages, etc., then send them out in plain 5 x 7 envelopes (which i buy in bulk). the pictures cost .50 or less each? i can't remember.

i do this for lots of occasions since it's so inexpensive. and costco has really cute borders for almost every occasion/season!

it's probably too cheesepuff for y'all...your photos are always so good and you're so creative! but maybe it can help someone else.

Janelle said...

A real-live vacation. That would make me smile my heart out!

I love your posts that have a lot of info. Makes me feel like I really know you. Like in the flesh, not on the bloglines.

Glad to hear that the kids did a great job swimming. I have a feeling you will live at the pool in your cute cover-up.