Saturday, June 30, 2007

seriously, people. the rain. it's gotta stop. now, i am a BIG fan of thunderstorms and laying under a blanket "napping" while i hear the sounds of the raindrops outside.

but enough is enough.

we were all set this morning to head out to a berry patch and go pick berries with some friends of ours. (weentrab, franklin, and totally rad. no, i don't call her totally rad to her face.) never mind that big h doesn't like berries. beside the point. it rained all night long. could present a berry-picking problem. but i am fearless and i am optimistic. bring on some muddy patches and let me pick to my heart's content. until we saw the red and purple on the Doppler radar. not a good sign.

so, someone made an executive decision to go to a nature preserve/playground with all kids involved and then head somewhere for lunch. it was good to not let the little man down. we all drank our starbucks and joyfully watched the little ones play and swing and just generally enjoy themselves. then, we decided to take a "walk." does one express just how high the humidity was? you know i am not a fan of hot weather (understatement). but hot and humid? let's just say that it was lucky i was with good friends. this walk. well, it was longer than we thought. not because any of us was out of shape. but did i mention that we had three 4-year-olds, one 3-year-old, three 2-year-olds, and the goo? and no forms of toddler transportation. so everyone was carried or had to walk. every. last. one. sorry...did i mention the humidity? two of the weentrabs got blisters. big h whined and cried about something. honestly, i can't remember what it was about, but the whining and crying doesn't surprise me anymore. still gets on my nerves, but it never surprises me. oh! i remember. one of the 4-year-olds brought a lightning mcqueen car. the nerve. just kidding. big h just needs something to focus on being sad about. and this car was it. once the nature walk was complete, we thought nothing sounded better than some burgers. and whoever made that decision was the smartest of the bunch. and there was a little game room in the back. so all of the kids (except the goo, of course) finished their lunch and played by themselves. goo had some milk and some finger foods and just cooed at and looked cute to everyone. easiest baby around. she looks a little less cute these days due to the multiple massive head traumas. but i think she's going to be fine.

all home for naps. or so we thought. goo took a little one. and big took a littler one, only to wake in a foul mood. and to the rain. seriously. the rain. so he and dad cleaned out the garage (HALLELUJAH, SWEET JESUS! thank you, thank you, thank you BUZ), and the goo and i sorted through clothes to take to the consignment store. poor goo. all of the sudden, and i mean all of the sudden, she has outgrown all of her current clothes. the day just drug on and on. because of the rain. but we headed out for dinner, and that lifted EVERYONE'S spirit. much needed break. and BOTH kids were in bed by SEVEN O'CLOCK. the goo was in bed by 6:30.

and so now buz and i are settling in for a nice night at home with a little snack and a movie. i will save my pure excitement regarding the snack for another post. please don't think i've deserted my one true love. i just have a little sentimental attachment to this little 12 oz. can of sweet goodness.


R said...

I'm laughing so hard! What a day, huh? The rain has kept us inside for 2 days, so I'm looking forward to getting out to church in the morning.

Kelly from Montana said...

please come visit me now! you need a humidity break!

wads and bob said...

SO sorry to hear about all the rain...really, i'm not trying to rub it in :) i'll be back in a week to wallow in it with you. can't wait to see you guys!

Anonymous said...

second only to reading this was being there! i had a great time in the actuality of it and am laughing out loud reading this!

i took a ridiculously short nap as well and we pulled the early sat. night family movie and bedtime.

i think i liked your idea better though!

Franklin5 said...

I love, love, love your retelling of the morning. And I wonder: why is it that with my three children ceaselessly whining, hoarding wheeled toys, and stubbornly refusing to walk even one step of that lengthy, winding path, I had such a fabulous time?

The only possible answer: the truly great company of my fellow frizzed and frazzled parents. Thanks to Weentrab for bringing us all together... can't wait to do it again! (Well, maybe not that particular walk, but something else social.)

Big love,