Friday, June 22, 2007

oh metroplex, how you have failed us

not really. but we really, really like denver. we are not moving or anything. we just really like denver.

so our vacation. buz and i went on vacation. actually are on vacation. to take my shower this morning, i must stop sweating from my hotel workout room work out. ahhh...joys of a life without children. so i am sitting here without buz. because he is at his conference. because that is the whole reason we are on vacation, you know. the conference.

i don't have pictures because i didn't bring any cords. i did that on purpose. because i would have seen "fan brad" (will explain at a later time) had i worked on pictures and blogging and other things other than him. because, you know, we are on vacation and all.

we began said vacation by me purchasing some "hip" sunglasses. bless my heart. people, i am not hip. and you know what? i am ok with it. i have come to terms with my out-of-style-ness. but i thought, "i'm without children. i'm going to see if i can pull it off."

i can't.

they looked a little something like this. they weren't these, but they looked very similar. seriously, poor me. those of you who know me know that i can't pull these off. but i tried. and because i purchased them, i felt compelled to wear them. don't be fooled. i looked like i was wearing flight goggles rather than hip sunglasses. but nonetheless, they kept the sun out of my eyes.

---break in post---have to go. have to meet buz and get ready to head home. will finish once i am back to reality.
back to reality. tough but good. i should have written how much i missed my kids while i was actually on vacation. things are just as we left them. a 3 1/2-year-old with a lot of opinions. :) and a go-with-the-flow little peanut.

so many thoughts running through my head. which is why i can't come up with even one clear thought.

so recap of the kids: camp nana was great. big h did great at swimming but would really prefer to only swim with courtney, his swimming instructor. he has asked me several times since i have been back if courtney can come over and swim. two things that make that difficult to answer. 1) we don't have a pool. i mean, we have a red turtle sandbox that we converted into a mosquito-infested pool. but really, no pool. and 2) i think courtney is about 24 (or younger) and has a job. so the chances of courtney actually coming over to swim are highly unlikely. not sure how to break that to big h. goo did fine. goo is pulling up to EVERYTHING and falling a LOT! (her forehead is home to her battle wounds.) nana got out of the house everyday. impressive. fed them everyday. impressive. put them to bed. impressive. used both car seats correctly. impressive. worked the DVR. cardiac arrest for us. seriously, folks, and i don't mock nana by saying this. the fact that she could turn on a DVRd backyardigans (a specifically requested episode even) at a moment's notice is nothing short of a miracle. and she was/is quite tickled with herself. hats off to you, nana. and by the end of the week, big h was telling her he would miss her while he was swimming. and probably one of the highlights was when she got to go to parents' day at the last day of swimming. she and the goo go to go watch big h jump off the side of the pool. into the water. under the water. this is big. and he got a swim school t-shirt and a lollipop. life doesn't get much better than that.
recap for buz and me: well, i got to do a lot of things by myself. i walked into the downtown denver walgreens so many times. just because i could. walk in by myself, that is. i went to an outlet mall. and sad to report, i did not buy a handbag. i felt sure i would fall in love with one at factory store prices. but no such luck. we got to see a lot of downtown denver. we got to go to a swanky young part of town and have dinner and see a movie at a really fun theater. we were the only ones in the theater. so much fun. reminded us of when we used to see movies together. you know, in the theater. we live on the edge like that. (oh, and let me know if you want me to tell you to see it or not.) i got to have lunch with a "friend" of mine from high school. actually, she was the head trainer at the high school when i was a student athletic trainer. so technically, she was kind of one of my teachers. but now, that i'm out of high school and have two kids and all, we're more like friends. good times. and then, buz and i went drove out to evergreen. this was just what we needed. some handholding around a beautiful lake in the middle of the mountains. and only to be topped off with a nice cold long neck at a restaurant on the river. oh wait. the long neck was buz's. i didn't have one BECAUSE I WAS CARDED! hallelujah i was carded! my license was in the car on the other side of the lake, so i sure wasn't going to go get it. and really, i was so excited about being carded that i just sipped on my ice water with glee. we headed back and ordered room service and got a pay-per-view movie. is it obvious that we don't get out much?
the one downer of the trip. i got a cold. and if you asked buz, i'm sure he would tell you that i was a sheer delight to be around.

and the other thing i noted was that we will probably not ever apply to be on the amazing race. period.

but all in all, it was so much fun to be with buz. just buz. and wake up late, or just later than normal. with not a care in the world, other than which restaurant to eat at or at which starbucks we wanted to get our lattes.
i thought this sign was hilarious. you'll notice if you look closely that the sign says, "keep gate closed." but there is no fence with the gate.
my sweet buz. i promise i didn't make him pose this way. we were just taking a break from our walk around the lake.
our restaurant on the river.
buz and me in front of the lake and some quaint shops. couldn't even begin to tell you what in the free world possessed me to get a ice cream cone and hold it in the picture.


Kelly from Montana said...

you need to move to evergreen...half the distance:)

R said...

About the glasses...I love them, personally, but I can't pull them off either, and I wear Rx ones so I don't spend a ton of $$ on buying what's in style. Sooo, I almost bought a cheapie pair the other day to just slide up on my head like a headband. I do that all the time with my glasses, but that stretches them out quicker.

Of course, I guess I'd look a little dorky out in the sun, 'cause I'd be wearing in-style sunglasses on my head and another pair on my face!

Jenn Miller said...

We lived in the Denver area (closer to Boulder)for three years not so long ago; I didn't realize I missed it until I read this! Glad you had fun.

Anonymous said...

i love the cone janet! you look just as happy as any kid holding it up in the shot. looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at the berry patch!