Sunday, June 17, 2007

uh oh

i am in love with another man....

the father of my children. my sweet buz, you are the most incredible father.

i will never forget the day we went to wal-mart to get the test. and the cashier said in the most eloquent of ways, " think ya is?"

the most appropriate start to our journey, don't you think?

i took all the steps and we waited. and waited. and waited.

we prayed that the Lord would be with us throughout those 3 minutes and throughout what could potentially change our lives forever. if there were two lines.

and there were.

pretty much from that day on, you have proven yourself to be the best provider, husband, and daddy.

going through childbirth classes together. coming to showers with me. you coming to EVERY doctor's appointment with me. admiring my belly, even as it grew to sizes we never would've imagined. being there through all the scares with big h. letting me having Subway as my "last supper" before we were induced. standing right beside me during our two DAYS of labor, only to welcome big h via c-section. oh, i was so sad. we mourned the loss of the "normal" delivery that i had dreamed about. sticking with me as i did my best to nurse big h, only to realize that "we" would do that for his first year of life. being my best friend and confidant through all of big h's issues and worries. supporting me in every decision i made as a mommy. being "daddy" to someone who is very, very hard to please. that is one tall order, buz. holding your tongue with him when i have a tendency to well, you know, not hold mine. letting me mourn and mourning yourself when we found out little person #2 was not going to join our family. but bouncing back, as we always do, and praying for God's will for our little family. and He brought forth two more pink lines. and you showed me your cautious optimism, allowing me to be excited but also allowing me to be scared. encouraging me to take my fear and leave it at Christ's feet. constantly encouraging me as we parented big h while trying to be excited for the arrival of our next little person, gender to be determined at delivery. allowing me to purchase things that we probably didn't need. as always, being there every. step. of. the. way. and then, hearing the doc say, "well, hello sweetheart." oh His perfection. and to know that you were and are going to be wrapped around her sweet little possibly-pink-loving finger. oh dear. you are in for it.

you are the glue, my sweet buz. you are the one who holds us together. you are the one who sits at the feet of Jesus presenting your gratitude as well as asking Him for things in such manly confidence. i am positive, without being prideful, that the one place you are most comfortable is with us, your family.

and we love you for that. and appreciate you.

buz, thank you for loving me. but thank you, especially today, for loving our little munchkins. for being the kind of daddy other kids can only hope for and dream about.

we are wild about you.

pregnant with big h (at the OU/texas game and 2 weeks before big h was born)

"birthing shoes" (buz wanted something all his own. since i *got* to get maternity clothes, and all. and he picked these. God bless him.)

va va va voom (with big H)

our little family as of october 2003

birthing shoes, second time around.

as always. buz leading us to the Father, in thanks and to make a request for safe delivery for the goo

seriously, buz, you couldn't be MORE ATTRACTIVE! grrr...

buz thanking Jesus that we have a girl

buz introducing big h to his new baby sister

big h's best friend

the goo's best friend


R said...

J, you have such a way with words! We miss you guys now that we're a couple of counties away. Y'all are such neat people.

Big Mama said...

Love this. The pictures are just precious.

And the birthing shoes? Classic.

Kelly from Montana said...

nice post! you are soooo great! here's to buz too!

Anonymous said...

happy father's day buz! you are the coolest (especially in your scrubs...I vouch for your hotness)


Anonymous said...

happy father's day buz! oh janet. what a wonderful post and fitting tribute to the man you love. i love to peek in at you all from afar!

Jada said...

What a great tribute to Buz! I think it's so great that you have such a wonderful husband and daddy for your kids!

Love the pics, too!


Gramma Wiz said...

I am so proud of him too. He is one of a kind wonderful. And Sweetie, that was the most beautiful love letter I have ever read. You both are so lucky to have each other as you go through this life journey. Have a wonderful time on your get away. Me

Chrys and Mike said...

I'm in tears. So, so, so, SO sweet.


Alana said...

I LOVE the B&W of you praying together before the birth. Beautiful moment.