Tuesday, July 03, 2007

a sort of mommy journal, if you will

(potentially boring post. probably more for kelly who lives far away, bff who is in another country right now, and the grandparents who love to hear the mundane details of parenting little ones.)

buz has the night off. meaning, he gets to do anything he wants tonight. see any movie he wants. go to gamestop and stay as long as he wants. tip as much as he wants at hooters or twin peaks. wait...no. that wasn't part of the deal. in fact, that will never be part of any deal. scratch that.

i put both kiddos to bed. only after a 5:30 grocery trip to target. having big h along was a beautiful experience. and contrary to what the tone of my post might suggest, there is no sarcasm. it really was fun. he is at a really fun age, where he is so observant. and wow...he makes comments about everything. and his comments are clearly spin offs of things that i have said before.

"yook mama. there is cimmonun roes. they are so soft and chewy. these are good for beck-pest. and boy, they really goes good with coppee, huh? i don't yike coppee. it's yucky."

"mama, baby YOVES these hot dogs (referring to the little gerber meat sticks that smell so disgusting, but the goo loves them). i will get yots por her, ok?"

"mama, i think we should go yook just a yittle bit at the toys. now, we won't go buy any, but we sure can yook a yittle bit, ok?"

"now, don't porget baby's diapers. you know...she's a baby, and diapers keep poop and pee on her bottom and not her cyose (clothes)."

seriously, i have to say i thoroughly enjoyed our trip through target. no fits. no crying. no whining. just pure enjoyment. about everything.

and they officially bathe together. i got the goo a bath seat at a consignment sale yesterday, so buz tried it out last night. and i gave it another shot tonight. she absolutely LOVES being his sister. she just sits there and soaks him in (no pun intended). and to hear him talk to her, he wants so much to be her mommy.

"baby, it's not good to sip on that water. if you want water, you need to ask mommy, and she will get you bubble water in a cup with a yid from the kishen. baby, you want to play with this ducky? baby, you need another toy? baby, you have to cyose your mouth when mama washes your hair or you will choke yots. when water goes in your mouth, you choke yots. you don't need ear pyugs. only special big boys like me need ear pyugs. baby what cuh-yer jammies you going to weared tonight? i will wear stripey. i love stripey jammies. they are my favorite ever. you have favorite jammies. baby, what was the best part of your day? mine was when mommy pixed us beck-pest." and she just stares at him and cackles.

i'm telling you, when we have things planned for the day, the day goes by so smooth. i knew i was going to give buz the night off sometime during the day. we had plans to hang out with aunt biscuit (my friend bitsy) and her son andrew, aka "anzoo." we went to pump it up for a little open play. basically, there are 2 rooms with inflatable play "things," for lack of a better term. big h had so much fun. but for some reason, there was one "thing" that he didn't want to do by himself. it was a "ladder" that you walk up and then you go down a very, very big slide. he kept saying he didn't want to go by himself. and andrew wasn't going to cut it. i kept using the excuse that i had to hold the goo. but then, my lovely and oh-so-devoted friend piped up and said, "oh i'll hold the goo. you go slide with big h." nice. ok. i'm one of those moms who can do things with my kid so that he won't be scared. i swing on the swing sets with him. i play at the playground with him. i could do this. so biscuit watches big h and me head up the "ladder" and get ready to come down the slide. let me think for a minute about how to adequately describe the scene. without sounding like i have a poor self esteem, just picture a cow or horse or other farm animal coming down a 30-foot slide. get the picture? oh, and the best part? big h LOVED it and responded with "YET'S DO IT AGAIN, MAMA!!!!" all the while, aunt biscuit laughing her hiney off. big h is very comfortable with biscuit, so i asked big h in my most excited voice ever, "HEY BIG H! WANT AUNT BISCUIT TO GO DOWN WITH YOU TOO?" he was elated at the thought. ahhh...sweet revenge. who was laughing now?

let's just say biscuit and i bonded today like never before.

tonight, as i sit and write, i listen to big h tell stories and "read" books. the funniest and most amazing thing is that we bathe him, read him stories, and talk to jesus. then, we tuck him in and close the door. a couple of months ago, he got out of bed, turned on his light, and started playing with his trains. at first, buz and i thought through this about whether or not to discipline him. we toyed with the idea, but it was a day that he had taken a really long nap. very unusual for him. after about thirty minutes, he had turned off his light and gotten into bed and gone to sleep. and now, every night, we do our routine, but we don't turn off the light. he plays with his trains and reads books on the floor. and after about twenty to thirty minutes, he turns off his light and gets under the covers and goes to sleep. i love this little man. love him.

and don't quote me or hold me to this, but i think we start "camp underwear" tomorrow. several different times today, he's talked about underwear and potties and pooping in the potty and getting treats. we tried before, but we had too many accidents. i was going to start a week from yesterday, but i think i can get my game on and start tomorrow. (oh, and i just informed buz of this. seeing as how he doesn't have to work and all.)

speaking of buz, don't even get me started. i called him at 11 to see where he was because that's just late for him. i emailed his blackberry and asked him to email, text, or call me and let me know he was ok. thinking he would text me from the movie he was seeing or from the sports bar where he was watching espn. when i didn't hear from him, i bit the annoying wife bullet and called his cell. and he answered. from. his. office.

buz is in trouble. period.

i'm pretty sure i don't have anything else to ramble on about.

except, here are my father-in-law's birthday presents.

first of all, weentrab, don't be mad. i promise i'm not a traitor. i just couldn't get in to see you because you have been ultra booked. but don't think i'm letting you off the hook for the goo's one-year pictures. (fyi: my father-in-law is german.)

and to those who are reading this late at night and can't put two and two together, my father-in-law is also a yale alumni. and could eat up his grandkids.


weentrab said...

slightly offended.

but only because *I* want to slide down pump it up with you. and *I* want to play with henry and his leiderhosen

sad me ;)

(kidding-it's really okay. 'cause the goo is ALL MINE!)

I just love reading his words. you are so good at henry-speak!

and inquiring minds want to know-where is bff? didn't she, like, just have a kid? can I be her? seriously?


Franklin5 said...

Oh, I so love the big H commentary: he is a truly remarkable kid. And you have proved it by sharing with us that he is even adorable whilst wearing LEDERHOSEN. Zer gut!

(I desperately hope this means "That's great!" and not something wildly inappropriate. The only two German phrases I actually know are "Ein bier, bitte," and "Einbeinstrasse," and they both seemed just a bit out of context.)

Alana said...

I loved the "yook" and "yots". Precious. He seems like a very sweet big brother!

wads and bob said...

well, let it be said that i am totally honored to have a bff mommy journal to keep me up-to-date while we are on our canadian adventure (hey, weentrab- www.crazyinquebec.blogspot.com)

your henry-speak makes me miss the litle guy even more...somehow the little friends here don't just measure up...well, even if they did, we wouldn't know it since they all speak french...

CAN'T WAIT to see you soon! can we ship Wes to you for camp underwear next week??? we are planning potty training boot camp ourselves upon our return.

j.ro said...

janet you crack the ro.fam up with all your henry speak! i had to smile as i was reading it b/c i felt like i was reading something out of Mice and Men (remember George). Well, anyway, good transcribing!

Kelly from Montana said...

i found this entry a little late in the game! i loved it! love talking to you even more! miss you buddy!

Mark Steidler said...
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