Wednesday, July 11, 2007

it's like christmas in july

or kind of.

i have tried my very hardest not to post much about our potty training endeavors. mainly because i was afraid i would jinx myself. yes, i said jinx myself. and no, i'm not in seventh grade. but also, i could NOT compare with the posts from jen over at lots of scotts. talk about turning a subject like human waste into beautiful posts. and to be honest, i did not want to have to admit defeat. because that is the road i thought i would be going down.

so all that said, i will go ahead with it. i will talk about my kid's bathroom habits, and i will do so with confidence.

i will say again: if you are not my best friend living in montana or my mother or mother-in-law, you can just check your email or do some internet surfing. because this is probably way too much information. and i am entirely TOO happy for my little family. so i cannot be responsible for my diarrhea of the mouth.

don't say you weren't warned.

we tried potty training several months ago, and to be honest, i wasn't that into it. what other parents do NOT tell you is that it is more the parent than the kid who has to be ready to potty train. or at least in our case. we tried, but without much success. let's just say i was doing a LOT of cleaning. and big h was so not into it. i mean, he liked the eggs treats (peanut m'n'm's) and all, but it got to the point of him going really only because he was hungry for a snack. "hmmm...i'm hungry. and mom said no snack. oh wait! i can get eggs treats if i sit on the potty and do 'something.' yeah, eggs treats. that's a perfect snack."

so last week, on the fourth of july, independence day nonetheless, i decided to go ahead with it. seeing as how he's about to be FOUR, you know. but big h has always done things in his own time. and to be honest, he's always been a late at getting things. we love this kid.

we decided that if he went #1, he would get a sticker. after 3 stickers, he would get to pick something out of the treasure chest. these items included diego socks from the target dollar spot, little paddle balls for sixty cents at the party store, star sunglasses, etc. they varied in size, price, etc. but after 3 stickers, he got something tangible. now, my kid is pretty smart. and there were times he would sit on the potty, do his business, get a sticker, and go back and repeat two more times. just to get the three stickers. i mean, he wasn't born yesterday. we had a couple of accidents. i didn't do a timer or a bell or anything because big h does NOT like timing objects. they stress him out. so before our next activity, i would have him go sit on the potty. and it worked. we went to a friend's house the first day. he had an accident. not a problem. went to a friend's house day #2. no accidents. ??? went and played at his old school on day #3. no accidents. this continued throughout the weekend. the only time he would have accidents was when he would poop. he would poop in his underwear. nice. or he would wait until nighttime when he was in his pull-up. and then, we would change it, and he would go to sleep after being changed. but i was so stinking proud of my little man. seriously. my little man who was wearing little man underwear. with a cute little tush, i might add.

we have had a racetrack in the garage. in plain eye view. and we told big h that whenever he went poop on the potty, he could have the track. along with a LOT of other things. like dinner at chuck e cheese.

so today. one week later. first, we got up and had the goo's ONE YEAR pictures taken. yes, my sweet baby is going to be one next week. don't even get me started. i will post some eye candy for you in a minute. we took pictures. and then headed to the local mall to play and to get big h a special thomas for doing such a great job with the goo's pictures. we ended up meeting some friends there. somehow big h sat in something wet right when he got there, so we were already walking on thin ice changing into our one other pair of shorts so early in the morning. and being away from the house. we went the bathroom a couple of times. i was so proud of my little man. had lunch, and we were about ready to head home, when i smelled the goo. so we all headed to the place that i love with all my heart and soul. i told big h that before we got in the car, we needed to change the goo's poop. and he responded with, "and mine, too?"

that is so not what i wanted to hear.

mind you, "we" were in our second pair of shorts already. apparently, i underestimated little man.

so i changed the goo. no problem. never a problem. other than she doesn't like to be changed. which is a problem.

then, big h gets on the changing table in the bathroom in the mall. and just so you know...this is the part where i really, really want to give you too much information.

but i won't.

you're welcome.

let's just say the underwear went immediately in the trash and the clothes went in the plastic bag that i had with me.

and big h had on his last pair of underwear. which happened to be his BLACK pair of cars underwear with ramone on them.

and his crocs.

and the goo's pink silk blanket.

we were a sight. to put it mildly. (oh, how i wish i had my camera.)

luckily, the two people i was with just laughed with me and found it humorous. and that was the only thing to do. to laugh.

and it was sad because big h didn't really even know that LOTS of people at the mall were staring at him. so naive. bless his sweet little poopingallovertheplace heart.

the story gets better.

we come home, and big h and i nap in my bed for TWO HOURS! bliss. pure toddler and mommy bliss. of course, when he woke up, he said in such a sweet voice, "mama, i love dad so much." deep breath. the goo took a two-and-a-half hour nap. more bliss. and she woke up with a smile that said, "mama, i love you more than anyone! you are my very favorite person ever." or at least i think that's what she would have said.

but before she woke up, big h and i were playing in his room with his new thomas. he was making a funny face. i wasn't sure what the face was. but i have always seen my mom friends with kids who are already potty trained ask their children if they need to use the restroom after making awkward faces. so i assumed this was his issue. honestly, i had no idea. :) but i asked him to go ahead and go sit on the potty anyway. he did. and while he was in there, i heard him say, "hmmm...that's weird. i think that's poop in there." (those of you who know big h know his little voice and how his little conversations sound.) i was laughing. until i realized what he might be saying. and then, i heard him say, "um, mama, i think there is poop in my yittle potty. come yook."

and the angels rejoiced and sang a beautiful song!!!!!

lo and behold, there was poop in the toilet people.

so don't think we didn't get the racetrack out immediately. and dad was blindsided by how fast we got in the car once he got home from work. straight to dinner. and we called nana and grandma, and the rest of the people who live in our neighborhood. and city. and state. it was such a fun night.

hats off to you, little man.

and to think that i was strolling around a mall today with my little man in his black skivvies, his bright red crocs, and his sister's pink silk blanket.

and for the piece de resistance. some of the goo's one year pictures. seriously, weentrab, how many times i can blow steam your way? miracle worker. as i've said before, she will be fighting the boys off with sticks. sticks, i tell you.

goo, you are breathtaking. mommy loves you.

don't deny it -- you want to eat her up. you know you do.

and just so you know. my daughter is SUCH a trooper. it was about ninety-four degrees outside this morning at 9 AM. not to mention the 184 percent humidity. and i made her wear this hat anyway. because i hate to be biased and all, but she looks so stinking cute in hats. see???

so there. i'm done. and if you've stuck with me through the whole thing, you are two devoted readers. (i.e. thanks, mom. thanks, kelly.)

and it appears that i am only posting once a week. am doing my best to declutter my house these days. the clutter. and well, it's taken over my life, and i can't take it anymore. so that's where i've been. you know, if you've wondered or anything.

oh, and one more thing. the day at the park last week with some friends? yeah, my beloved weentrab put the morning to a musical slideshow. yeah, she's that friend who you love to hate. talented, beautiful. and the worst part? she's so incredible nice. it makes you want to vomit.

here's something for you to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

ok j, so i bore through and am so happy for both you and big h!!!!! i totally empathize with what you said about parents needing to be ready for potty training. isaac potty trained 3 times. yes, you read right 3x. all 3 times he stayed potty trained for several months at a time yet the first 2x he reverted right back (granted we had some turmoil in our lives back then, but still it's really only something you care to do once). anyways, i digress. big ups to big h!

now, to the goo. oh. my. goodness. she is a doll. a doll!!!!! and the hats are precious (plus, it looks like she liked the hat). truly you and buz have such beautiful kids. big h is just as much a doll as the goo is - in a very masculine way of course. the first shot of him in weentraub's slideshow always makes me smile.

can't wait to see you all again. isaac has been asking about "his new friend henry" (he has a good buddy named henry at school, so we must distinguish). see you soon!

Jill said...

First of all, a big "ya-hoo" for big h! and his mommy for this victory! And The Goo - Garrett is in line now to be her first date. You know, he'll be the cooler-older-man and all. We'll train him now to be the perfect gentleman. So Buz, don't worry. And the slideshow? Breathtaking. Love the "skivvies" verbage :)

R said...

All of those photos are so precious! Y'all make some good-looking offspring. :0)

Did I tell you our baby #2 due in Dec. is supposedly another girl?

Jada said...

What adventures you have! I get to live vicariously, since I don't have kids, through you and other blogging moms! I enjoy reading Jen @ Lots of Scotts, too.

Congrats on the potty training victory!

My almost-5-year-old (5 next Monday) nephew loves Thomas, too. He's getting two Thomas gifts from me. But don't tell him. LOL

Love the pictures of the Goo! She is too adorable. How I wish I had a niece or two! But I love my nephews!


Kelly from Montana said...

you are such a trooper! way to go mom and way to go big h. now let's see how dad does...

Franklin5 said...

FABULOUS, fabulous post. I laughed (the mental picture of big H's pseudo-superhero costume), I cried (the HOW-DOES-SHE-DO-THAT gorgeous pictures of sweet Goo, avec chapeau), and I cringed and cheered the potty training woes and winning finale.

Wonderful stuff, all of it, and told so well. Big hugs to you and your cute family, too!

Tam said...

Great post! Yay for big h! Your little girl is beautiful!

Chrys and Mike said...

"bless his sweet little poopingallovertheplace heart."

i'm laughingallovertheplace. hard.

not really looking forward to the potty training chapter, tho.

the first pic of g is my fav. perfect.