Saturday, August 01, 2009

summer vacation

we just got back from my "cousin's" wedding. actually, she's my mom's cousin's daughter. what does that make her? my second cousin? i can never keep that straight. so she's my CUZ. dawg.

my parents took the four of us, and we made this our summer vacation. such a fun time to get away from normal everyday.

this was the third airplane ride for big h and second for goo. big h's first was when he was ten months old, and we flew to montana to see kelly. by ourselves. without buz. and he had an ear infection the entire WEEK we were there. good times. i was sad that our time there wasn't as fun as it could've been. and kelly and i vowed to be with each other without kiddos for a couple of years. we're selfish like that.

his second plane trip was two years when he, goo, and i flew to see my brother and his family in birmingham. we went just the three of us. without buz. i'd think i'd learn. big h LOVED it. goo did not want ANY PART OF IT on the flight there. she was sick. (clearly, a wisner theme.)

this time. third time's a charm. big h LOVED it. goo thought it was fairly cool. she's aloof.

we had wonderful flight attendants. my MIL was THRILLED to hear this as she was a flight attendant (stewardess) for american for many years and loved it.

we got there and rented this sweet ride.

bow chicka bow bow.

oh. you know it.

any of you who know my dad are laughing right now. because this car does NOT fit his cute, little conservative personality.

other than the lack of cargo space, we loved riding in this kickin' vehicle. if you are reading this, and you have a ford flex, i am not mocking this. it's just not quite the vanilla minivan we were expecting. it had a bit more spice.

we enjoyed everything about the weekend. my mom and i got to be a part of the bridesmaids luncheon, which was such an honor. the wedding was beautiful. time with extended family that we don't see often was absolutely incredible.

meet the beautiful bride.

and the happy couple.

we did some sightseeing. hung out together. went swimming. thankfully, i do NOT have photos from that. whew. and just spent time being a little family. it was perfect.

how much do i love this kid? um, a LOT.

what a family picture looks like when you have a three year old and an almost five year old. good times. hey, at least goo is smiling.

sister rockin' out the ping pong. she's got several more years until she'll really get the hang of it. see how thrilled she is?

this makes me cry just looking at it.

my "aunt (pronounced ont)" ginny, goo, and my mom. she's really my mom's cousin. see how confusing it all is?

daddy and daughter ripping it up at the reception.

please don't dog on my photo skillz. i love the magic of this photo. even if it's TOTALLY out of focus.

goo getting to meet "white princess." never mind the fact that she's actually, you know, RELATED to white princess. she talked about it all night. as though it was a celeb sighting. picture. see goo? thrilled, as usual. and the sweet backdrop of the construction vehicles. makes for a lovely photograph. one that may go in the christmas cards?

on the campus of UVA. so much history. we loved the architecture.

big h's best friend. ever.

big h and papa.

goo at the school section of the children's museum, which was INCREDIBLE. totally amazing. we could've stayed the entire day.

goo handing out nana's lunch.

goo excited.

this was a little wooden barn where you could put wooden eggs in the top, release the little door, and the eggs would roll to the bottom. i feared for the lives of those who even tried to play with this while she was. a bit possessive.

big h loved playing with the boats and water.

and goo could've stayed at this table full of way easy puzzles all. day. long. and could've done the same puzzles over and over again.


daddy and goo in the ambulance.

big h on the velcro wall. he loved this.

fun times had by all. thanks, nana and papa, for a great trip!


Colored With Memories said...

great pics! i didn't even notice one being out of focus...

sweet, sweet family memories.

and that children's museum totally makes ours look puny!

R said...

what is it about weddings? M still to this day talks about the handful she's been to. i have to admit it was so fun introducing her to the magic that is the wedding, and i'm thrilled she was hooked! :0)

and your dress and red heels? ROCKED IT! oh my goodness...i don't have a lot of shoes, but most of them are red for some reason!

aimee said...

Great pics! I love the blurry dance shot. And you are AWESOME in the red shoes!

Cindy said...
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Cindy said...

I was going to comment on your awesome red shoes too! Too cute with that great dress. Your family picture is perfect, even framed with the construction equipment backdrop. I think it just adds some personality to the shot :) I also love the pics of your parents. They haven't changed a bit.

Jenna said...

I want to move to Texas, I want to move to Texas!! Your family makes my heart so happy . Glad ya'll had a great trip! Seriously, you people are precious.

Kelly from Montana said...

fab dress, hot mama! you are amazing!!!