Sunday, August 16, 2009

baby sydney (aka my bff's new kid)

sooo...i have this friend.

we'll call her bff. because i always call her bff. because she's my bff. big h calls her bff. my mom and dad call her bff. she's bff.

and she rocks the house. i met her a LONG time ago.

like...BEFORE CHILDREN. she loves Jesus which is why we're bff's. her husband and buz are pals. i had big h. she had her first boy. i had goo. she had a daughter. done having children. she was/is not.

and so i'd like to introduce you to baby sydney.

um, check out mama's bling. give from dad. diamonds from bff's grandmother. three of them for her three children. good work, dad.

cannot get enough of her middle child, georgia. home girl had her finger in her nose most of the morning. i LOVE her. :)


aimee said...

These are GREAT pics. I love them. You are so talented!!! said...

these are so precious janet! my favorite? the second from the bottom!

Life In Progress said...

Will you please move to IL so you can photograph our new baby? You'll love it....the winters are COLD!! And think how often you and Buz could trek up to Green Bay for Packers games? I'd watch the kids.......

Colored With Memories said...

okay. love these!

i spent some time with your bff her too! she suggested mall playdate with all of us soon. you in?

Anonymous said...

absolutely precious.