Tuesday, August 04, 2009

for posterity's sake

i'm not writing for any other reason.

just to keep a record of this week.

last week brought some tough times for buz and me. not tough times between us. tough times for us to go/grow through together. we are definitely not at the point where we can look back and say, "oh honey (wait...we don't call each other honey anyway), wasn't that such a wonderful time of growth for us? i'm so glad God built our character during that time." we are definitely NOT at that place. yet.

i know we will be. because surprisingly, the two of us have felt a peace about our situation. it's barely there. but it IS there. because HE is there.


oh, and remember that job that we almost took several months ago? and we decided not to take it because of our community here? that community?

has walked with us this past week. God totally showered us with people -- physical presence, email, FB, twitter, texts, etc.

sometimes i moan and groan about FB and twitter. that they are just places for me to spend my time instead of being with my kiddos or spouse.

but lately...they have been so comforting and encouraging.

anyway...point of the story.

saturday was good. nothing too fancy. we went to the mall to let big h look around the lego store. goo has a new favorite store. surprisingly, i've kept her out for this long. she literally hugged one of the mannequins and said, "mama, i yub this dress because it's so bee-uh-ful." normally, i go in by myself. but this time, she came to realize the wonder that is this store.

saturday night, we put them to bed and buz played his playstation and i piddled around on the computer. we had iTunes on, and we had a great night just talking to each other and reminiscing about songs. we both finally got in bed around 2am.

you've met buz, right? you know he's an early-to-bed/early-to-rise guy, right? 2am is UNHEARD OF.

at 215, we heard groaning followed by, "oh no. i don't peel so way-uhl."

you other parents, please tell me you know what we walked into.

the smell. oh my word, the smell. buz took the laundry shift. i took the cleaning off the child shift. good times.

big h slept in my bed and buz took the couch. (ironically, buz had taken tylenol that night because he had a headache.)

4-ish. big h to the bathroom again. get him cleaned up again.

630. big h to the bathroom. rinse. repeat.

8-something. big h still sleeping. buz starts to wake up. sunday a low-key day.

sunday night at 10. i get the call that my friend bitsy is going to the hospital to deliver her sweet little girl. she wants me to photograph. totally honored.

get there. bad light. oh well. stay up from 1030-7. so worth it. witness my friend give birth to little (not so much -- 8#) baby annie. still bad lighting. very small delivery room. complications at the end of delivery require many hospital staff members to attend her delivery. i am NOT one of the important hospital staff members. which means i do not get a "good spot." all of this -= not proving to be best setting for rocked out photos. seems that my friend bitsy is not near as concerned with rocked out photos as she is with her friend janet being there as well as the health of her brand new baby.

come home at 9am. eyes burning with fatigue. buz not feeling well. he finally tells me to go take a nap, and he'll put goo down for her nap. she goes down. buz tries to take a nap. but is visiting the restroom a LOT. i wake up not feeling so well but don't think anything of it. i get goo up, and big h, goo, and i head to grocery store for saltines, sprite, chicken noodle soup, and Imodium AD. good times.

we come home. i feel hot. but it's hot outside, i tell myself. i turn the tv on because at this point i can't stop feeling yucky. i walk to my bedroom, pass buz in bed, head for the restroom, pull my hair back, and surely you know the rest.

i am here to tell you. I WILL NEVER BECOME BULIMIC! NEVER.

and then, because i'm a mom (here's my request for sympathy), i walk back into the kitchen and begin fixing dinner. and then, bathed the kiddos, read them their stories, and put them to bed. and then went to sleep. AT SEVEN-THIRTY. you understand what that means for a night owl? it means mama was dog tired.

when i got up this morning, big h had gone into goo's room and was yelling to me about something. normally, he taddles on her in the morning. trust me -- we've been working on that lately. can't think of anything worse than someone starting your day by telling on you FIRST THING. when i went to lay into him about taddling, i realized by THE SMELL what he wanted to tell me. that goo had become the 4th victim of this wisner illness. and sister was as happy as a lark. the only thing she said was "oh mama, you need to clean muh. her is dirty. and i had yuckies come out of my mouth."

i love that girl with every ounce of my being.

today was boring. and we may or may not have watched a LOT of television. and had the most boring lunch and dinner. i will take boring over "eventful" any day.

but tomorrow is a new day. house is clean. linens are clean. jammies are clean. mama is clean. we're good to go.

see how fun this will be to read when big h and goo are in their teens? :)

and because it's virtually impossible not to post without a picture, here are some from fourth of july.

it has come to my attention that i have "virgin hair." meaning HOLY COW! LOOK AT ALL OF THAT GREY HAIR! YIKES!


Colored With Memories said...

here it is 2am...i am laughing so hard at goo's reaction to being sick. i can hear jade saying the same thing about "bay-bay". the "yuckies" though? goo owns that!

poor wisners...may non toilet hugging days be ahead!

from your fellow "i will NEVER be a bulimic" friend. i still can't vomit w/out crying thru it! awful!!

Jenny said...

Oh friend, that's rough. I feel your pain, except I'm the only one that is throwing up thank goodness!! Glad that everyone is on the meand :)

Life In Progress said...

Oh Janet, I'm so sorry. And so glad it's OVER! I love goo's reaction to being sick....what a sweetheart. The one time Charlotte has ever vomited she said, "Mommy, I pooped out my mouth!" I think it's just such a strange thing for them that they don't quite know what to think of it! STAY WELL!

j.ro said...

i hope everyone is feeling better now! that's so miserable! those pics of you and your kiddos are beautifully priceless!!

Jenna said...

Oh my my - I am so not happy my Wisner fam was feeling so horrible. But I am VERY glad the storm has passed and ya'll are on the up and up! Love each of you with your little cute selves. :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad y'all are on the mend! Love it when those bugs make the rounds. Stay well and have a "boring" week.

Kelly said...

Not fun. Not fun at all. So glad you guys are all feeling better.

Amy J said...

I've had those days too when all linens in the house are yucked up and you have to start pulling out the blanket and sleeping bags while you wait on a load to dry. I do hope y'all are better now.

Thanks for sharing. I'll take boring any day too.

windyday said...

Oh Virgin hair! If you are thinking about coloring do your research and go to someone who is known for coloring well! So glad you guys are feeling better!!

angela garmendia said...

janet! i cnanot read your post without hearing your voice in my head! i love the way your write :) know that you are in our prayers and i am glad that everyone is feeling better.