Tuesday, May 05, 2009


it's like we're addicted to medicine. or those who practice it, really. or financing lake houses for those who practice it, to be more exact.

oh, i kid.

but tomorrow? goo is having eye surgery. again.


her surgery isn't until noon. which is a beating. because she can't have anything to eat or drink after six in the morning. home girl doesn't get up until eight.

so sadly enough, my biggest prayer right now is that she forgets all about food or drink.

also, a big prayer request for us is that she won't require any versed. both of my kids respond really poorly to this drug. i understand that it's supposed to relax you. but the wake up and rest of the day is a bear. so i'm praying that the Lord just relaxes goo on her own without the need for this.

praying for the surgeon. that he would have steady hands. that the procedure would go extra smoothly. and the results would stick. that there would be no need for further operations. goo has had enough. (this being her fifth time to go "under.")

tomorrow night, we have a meal being brought, which is such a huge blessing. tomorrow afternoon, big h is going to be playing at a friend's house, which will be fun for him and great for goo to get to have the house to herself.

anyway, just pray for my baby tomorrow, if you think of it.


aimee said...

I'll be thinking of and praying for Goo. And you. I can't imagine how hard this must be on you as a mother. Ugh, makes me heart hurt just thinking about it. HUGS!

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the rest of the pics from today that know you took. loved getting up to the minute tweets on goo. know it was good for you to tweet them too.

Anonymous said...
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