Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hi, my name is janet...

...and this is my blog. apparently.

i have to be honest. i don't want to blog lately. i don't really want to update FB. i don't really want to update my twitter. even though, i laugh at that statement in the first place.

but i'm keeping up with most of you. not that i'm commenting on your blogs either.


this is probably going to be a decent-sized post. with plenty of random thoughts going through my head. so feel free to head on over to some fabulous other sites.

today? big h's last day of preschool. and my emotional state was rocky. i mean, goo is going back to the same school next year. but when i hugged her teachers today? boo hoo'd like a baby. and held on to them. and just cried. like i wouldn't see them three months from now. hugged big h's teachers tightly. and then, watched each and every one of his friends exit the building.

i really was anxious about this morning. remember that "almost cry" that happens a lot at church? it was ever present all morning this morning. before we even left the house. today was donut friday, and so, of course, we headed to dunkin donuts. then, we got to school, and the almost cry began as we pulled into the parking lot.

in my hands, i had:
my camera
big h's rest mat
goo's rest mat
goo's vinyl mat
goo's bag
1 bag for each teacher + 2 teachers/kid = 4 bags
1 book for each teacher made from photographs of each student

once we got in, i dropped off both mats for goo in the bin and let her run to her teachers. who were already misty-eyed. SO did not help my case. dropped off the books for goo's teachers. at this point, big h had already headed into his class. i gave goo's teachers their gifts. headed to big h's class and gave his teachers their gifts. went to the car to get the music and movement teachers their gifts.

i had done well up to this point. i give the music teacher (whom i ADORE and so do my children) her gift, and she hugs me and has tears in her eyes.


i had to leave in a hurry because the ugly cry was coming quickly.

so i head out to my car. i pulled over in the parking lot and started crying. when one of my friends pulls up beside me asking if everything's ok. i couldn't hold it in. bless her heart. she had no idea what a loaded question that was. we talked for a minute. then, i headed to sonic and got a dr. pepper. because i can't think of anything better than a dr. pepper at 925 in the morning. i headed to old navy to get big h and goo swimsuits. honestly, i just walked around and looked at everything. just strolling. they didn't have goo's size in a swimsuit, so i decided to head over to the old navy across town. then, i sat in the parking lot and talked to my mom on the phone for a minute. then, i ate lunch by myself at a great deli. and cleaned out my purse. and it was only 1130. and i don't pick up my kiddos until 2. seriously? never in the course of the 08-09 school year have i ever been bored while my kids are at school. i needed to run two more errands. i wanted to head home to take a nap. but i didn't have enough time to go all the way home, take a good nap and get them. so seriously. what to do? i returned some things. i parked under a tree and listened to music in the car. i mean, it was almost comical. i wanted to go to school and watch my kids through the two-way mirrors. but really? their last day, and i simply couldn't occupy all of my time? crazy.

when i picked them up, i picked up goo first and took pictures with her teachers, who were very teary-eyed. because i'm all-business, i told them i would talk to them once i got big h. i went to big h's room, and he was FAST asleep on his mat. as usual. the kid who never naps at home naps EVERYDAY at school. goo and i woke him up. we took pictures of him with his teachers. i hugged one of his teachers who cried and said kind words. i regrouped and headed across the hall to goo's teachers. i hugged them and let go. that good cry? that makes you shake? yep. did it. in public. and i didn't care. because these are the women who love on my punkin. who helped goo learn to use the toilet. who point her to jesus.

i got outside, and goo pitched a fit.

and ahhh...all was right with the world again. regroup. :)

we headed to the ice cream store with two of big h's best friends. i felt bad because there was a swim party after school, but i just couldn't make it work. knowing big h isn't totally confident in the water yet. and goo? not so much. i was too nervous about having both children at a pool and not being able to make sure they were both safe at the safe time.

tonight was movie night. pizza for kiddos. subway for mom and dad.

and so. preschool for my big man is over. and i'll be honest. i'm sad. i wrote in my journal about it this morning. but for now, i'm just going to focus on having a ROCKIN' summer with kiddos. (because i can't handle the thought of kindergarten right now. you just wait until september.)

other thoughts. last week, went back to my hometown with my parents for a close friend's mom's funeral. do i dare say it was a special time? special to go and support my friend and her family. special to honor an AMAZING woman. special to experience an incredibly moving memorial service. special to have time in the car with my parents. special to be back in my hometown where i grew up. special to hang out at an old friend's house for a sleepover.

nothing really planned for this summer. other than a vacation to virginia with my family, including my parents. and hopefully a vacation to see my in-laws at their place.

big h and goo are both in very memorable stages right now.

goo? she says no ALL. THE. TIME. and when i tell her no, she says, "YES MA'AM!!" and in a not-very-cute tone of voice. and i want to be firm with her. but i have to turn my back so i don't laugh and have her see me buckle. she's not so kind with big h. but she loves him to the moon and back. but when he asks her cute things or wants to hug her, she is mean to him and turns him off. bless his heart. but then, out of the blue, she wants to love on him and play with him and hug him. we're working on this.

she consistently puts her shoes on the wrong feet. oh, it kills me. not her, apparently.

she wears a pull up at night right now (don't tell her MDO teachers), just in case. but right when we put on the pull up, she wants dora (pronounced doh-ruh) panties on over the pull up. every night. underwear on top of the pull up. i love this kid.

home girl is still in a crib. and i love it. she sleeps so well. she goes to sleep so well at night, and she loves sleeping in her little cozy spot. and i love that, too. :) she sleeps with "muh," a pottery barn kids pink elephant, a pink piggy, a little stuffed doll that she calls "baby guhl," and "mermaid." it's an ariel dive toy that was originally a bathtub toy. and now, it's basically muh's best friend. mermaid has climbed the goo popularity ladder VERY FAST.

goo loves doh-ruh and anything that has to do with her (swiper, diego, alicia, baby "daa-dahr" or baby jaguar, boots, and our personal favorite...tapir). she loves dora saves the mermaids and diego saves the mermaids (yes, there's a theme). she also watching boz.

big h is........SUPER HEROES. period. batman, spiderman, superman, robin, indiana jones (?). big h has worn the same pair of shoes EVERYDAY since the beginning of the school year. he's a committed little guy. they are worn down. i want to keep them and do something with them. any suggestions? he's had four other pairs-EXACT SAME PAIR since he started mothers' day out in 2005. he's ready to take swimming lessons again. and he's informed me that his "tumbling" class that he's taken for two or three years is actually called "gymnaxtix." hopefully we'll be able to do that again this summer.

wanted to spred some cheer. i have a "friend" from my hometown who is a card designer. go look her up. she is amazing. simple. elegant. classy.

also. i ordered a bow for goo for Easter. (no, we STILL haven't taken Easter pictures.) she sent me an email the same day with a picture of the bow, asking me if it was what i was hoping for. and i kid you not -- two days later, it was in my mailbox. crazy. order some.

surprisingly, that's all i got tonight. earlier today, i said to myself, "ok, i've gotta blog everything swirling around in my head." luckily for you, i did. and apparently there wasn't much. :)

leaving you with recent pictures. and then i'm off to bed.

i love these two.

big h's spiderman pose in front of school. he's serious business when it comes to his super heroes.

goo with nana's reading glasses on. looking like a librarian.

glasses for everyone.

big h's best friend. (marina, recognize this little man?)

sandbox work is tough around here.

yummy ice cream.

why won't my daughter's hair grow? seriously. someone please figure this out for me.


first time down the pole by himself. almost.

i love this girl.

at least her bright orange crocs are on the right feet this time.

quirky gal, that daughter of mine.

i almost didn't post this. but c'mon? we're so classy.

to big h, bubbles are serious.

to goo, they're not.

telling a tall tale.

after her surgery, goo has actually grown accustomed to wearing sunglasses outside. her doc said it's actually a good idea. so we're sticking with it. of course, they're white. she's so hip.

when goo and i played in the rain a couple of weeks ago.

night y'all.

12 comments: said...

i love your thoughts, but of course it's the photos that are tuggin' at my heart! and that first one ... priceless!! i'm feeling swirling emotions too. guess we'll go through this every year! thanks for sharing!

R said...

i totally want to comment on every sentence of this post (shocker!), but i won't. :0)

i will in the reading glasses? my favorite. ever!

aimee said...

The last day of school is sooo hard. You were a CHAMP!

Hope your summer goes well - have lots of fun!!!

Jenny said...

Hey friend! I've had the Blog-Blahs as well, totally get it.
Your sweet family is so precious. I know you guys will have an amazing summer in spite of the K-word :-)

windyday said...

Missed your updates. Been thinking about you. So wish you and I could sit and brainstorm a schedule for our summer days. :) How's the area of discipline going. Seems like you have been very disciplined in not letting your blog hog your time. :) I'm glad to get an update from you on your world.

Beck said...

Love the look. Love the potty photo. Oh, and the tears? Hormones, sister....I really think they're out to get us...

Kelly from Montana said...

crying with you babe! great tribute to the stages they are in! i see nana in little goo - especially with those glasses - oh my!!!

Marina said...

Man those school photos bring back some MDO memories. Wish I could share a DR p with ya in person. BTW the DP formula is off in the UK

Jenna said...

Janet, you are priceless. My love for your posts runs deeeeeeeeeeeep. :-) Like, way deep.

Anonymous said...

sigh. loved ALL of this. especially big h's spiderman pose and the seriousness of it all.

Penelope said...

#1- The spiderman pose takes the cake
#2-We are NO strangers to the public "port-a-potty" it.

Janelle said...

Sure love your fun updates! Honestly, I love when I see your name highlighted on bloglines! I am a fan.