Friday, May 01, 2009

the D gang

stay with me. i've got some history to share.

when buz and i got engaged, i started planning everything. everything. and one thing that i loved doing was choosing my flower girl. i was overjoyed with my choice.

when i first moved to the area, i worked at a local hospital as a social worker in the women and children's services. i went to a three-day seminar about infant loss, which i had studied AT LENGTH in grad school. the first day of the seminar we went around the room and introduced ourselves. the girl next to me stood up and introduced herself, that she was a labor and delivery nurse at a local hospital (mine). and because i'm typically quiet and reserved, i interrupted her as she spoke and said, "I WORK AT THAT HOSPITAL, TOO!" subtlety is a gift. we saw next to one another all three days, and i bored her to tears telling her of the story of buz and me (pre-dating). and trust me. i'm a details girl. bless her heart. anyway, it was a great seminar, and i learned a TON. when we got back to work, we ended up seeing each other frequently and quickly became friends. she had a daughter who was five-ish (amy?).

so needless to say, when buz and i finally decided to get married, i KNEW who would be our flower girl. i vividly remember the day that amy, hannah, and i went to the bridal store to pick out her flower girl dress. she looked BEAUTIFUL.

to make the story even more wonderful, her parents couldn't come with her to our wedding because, you know, they were in RUSSIA adopting two children. so grammy came with her. and hannah did a great (and very slowwwww) job at passing out those flowers. she took her job VERY SERIOUSLY.

fast forward to april 2008. and i get to photograph hannah, who is FOURTEEN (!) and her family of six.

i SO wish i had scanned a picture of hannah and me at my wedding. she was adorable in her little glasses. she has since gotten contacts. i know.

the middle daughter, hillary. i mean, check her out.

grayson, the lone stud.

sarah, the youngest. and i believe the SASSIEST.

the entire family, including grammy and ahda (grandpa).

amy and her awesome husband, paul.

grammy and ahda.

some ice cream mischief.

remember? sass. i LOVE it.

anyway, we had the best time being together. it was a bit surreal. in a wonderful way. D family, i love you so much. you will always hold such a special place in my heart.


Casey said...

i saw these pics on facebook--my fave is of grammy & ahda. so so sweet :) i love the one of the lone stud too---and the sassy baby of the family. you're such a talent, jan :)

Anonymous said...

great shots janet!

Kelly said...

These are great! Love them, especially the one of the grandparents. That is a beautiful image.