Thursday, October 02, 2008

ever have one of those days?

that was so good you pinched yourself as you got into bed?

today? was that kind of day for me.

i dropped big h off at school. he was elated, and all was well at drop off. goo left a morning gift in her diaper, so we changed it at school before heading back home. when we finished, we ran into one of big h's teachers from last year in the hall. we talked and talked and did some more talking. and then she suggested we go to chapel to watch. i had never been. i felt funny because goo still had on her jammies and no shoes. i know. we're white trash. and proud of it.

but then we saw big h in the hallway walking quietly to chapel. and i said "what the heck, we're going."

oh. my.

i am so glad we went. all of the children walk in very quietly and respectively, while a pianist plays hymns. they begin by praying. then, they sing a beautiful worship song, with hand motions. then, a bible story with practical lesson. and then, they finish with a more lively song, also with hand motions.

the music teacher asked the kids "what's the first thing we have down in our heart?" and the kids answered "JOY" very loudly. then, "love of Jesus." and then she asked, "is there anything else?"

and big h. my big h. answered louder than anyone else, "PEACE THAT PASSED SOME UNDERSTANDING!!"

i can't describe how big my smile was. and because i was the only parent there, the sweet music teacher said loud enough for me to hear, "thank you, big h."

and then. then, he sang the song. with hand motions. lots and lots (or "yots and yots") of hand motions.

and then, goo ran down the center aisle. and that concluded our time at chapel.

i left with a big smile on my face and a lump in my throat.

took goo home and played polly pockets for hours. she took a nap. i ate chicken spaghetti.

we headed to get big h. not only was i still high from earlier, i had the music and movement teacher stop me in the hall and tell me that "i'm sure you already know this, but big h is the only kid who sings everyday. and sing? oh, he sings at the top of his lungs. everyday."

the smile actually got bigger.

we headed to the grocery store to pick up some milk and fruit snacks. watched a show and headed to the park.

and my kids and i had a ball. and then dad showed up. and the day got even better.

dinner time was easy. bath time was easy. i've read blogs and done all of my computer "stuff" for the night. and now i'm going to get in bed and look at catalogs and make a list of things to do tomorrow during my five hours alone.

God is good. and today was one of those days that He kicked me in the pants to help me remember it.


Anonymous said...

That is a great day! What a blessing.

how to pick stocks said...

very cool.

Janelle said...

I like you 'yots and yots".

So glad that you had a wonderful day.

What a tender story of big H.

May his joy be contagious!

I can just hear Goo's laughter on the swings. She must have caught brother's joy.

chrys said...

ahhhhhh, i got a little teary!

love those precious kids. and you, too.

and your new blog template? like it!
i love blue & green. and i laugh every time i see a pic of goo's lovey.


Aimee said...

Those kids of your are too fun! And sweet! And wonderful! Boy, do they take after you or what!?!?!?!

Colored With Memories said...

and when i read your title i thought i was coming over to read about a horrible i that negative?

and then you surprised me with all of this!

in chapel, in jammies...AND shoeless? janet, what would jesus think?

hopefully one of the hymns was "come as you are"... :)

what a great's to many more!

Casey said...

i love days like that!! absolutely love the pics on the swings. precious. and i love that you took goo into the school in jammies. granted, he's only 2 mos. but i'm known to leave samuel in his jammies all day long. they are just too sweet!!

Life In Progress said...

"Peace That Passed Some Understanding". Are you making this stuff up? That is too much!

Also, will you please give me photography lessons? I'll pay you in Dr. Pepper!

Anonymous said...

jelousy reigns sister! REIGNS! i have been so downtrodden, overworked and inundated with more of anything than i want to be inundated with lately, i can hardly keep my head above water, then, i read this. great day. big smile on my face at your great day and a big sigh that a day like this will soon wander my way...