Sunday, December 31, 2006

nothing says happy new year like...

seriously, i don't think i can remember when i last got this excited! tonight we had the pattisons over.

big h gets along with their kid so well. they play together, only not together. if that make sense. so i fixed tostadas (i am so incredibly fancy) and homemade guacamole and a black eyed pea salsa that my buddy davis gave me the recipe for. the taste of mine doesn't even come close to hers. but then again, she fixes hors d'oerves for me just when i come by to pick up some hand-me-downs. (you just have to know davis.) buz got champagne. i mean, it was the whole nine yards. this was no half-a__ party. i bathed, nursed, and put the goo to bed. and then, it was time.
time to break out the hickory farms beef stick (which buz calls the meat log), smoky bar, and sweet hot mustard. i look forward to the ceremonial opening of these products all. year. long.
and to my surprise, the pattisons were equally excited. poor buz. he could've cared less. a disgrace, i tell you. his loss.
and it was everything i hoped it would be.
so now before we sit in front of dick clark's new year's rockin' eve, buz and i are getting ready to go over our yearly personal "goals" and how we can love each other more and perhaps differently over the upcoming year. over some sparkly.
and, of course, some more meat log.
happy new year.
(and for some reason, blogger will not let me skip lines. hmmm...oh well)


gramma wiz said...

There is nothing that makes me happier than hearing Henry talk, or Brad or you or Greta, unless it is reading your blog. Sweetie, first I love peeking in your window to what's going on down there, but also YOU Are So Funny!!
Maybe the camera thing should just be a hobby so Gramma could see her babies, but you could become the new Irma Bombeck of your generation. (Of course, Henry does give you lots of great material!!) Love you lots, Me