Wednesday, December 27, 2006

liberation, freedom, c'mon thesaurus, bring me some more...

well, it has been WAY TOO LONG since i last posted. and for those 4 of you who are interested in what we are up to, i apologize. freedom is in the air. what's that, you say? something big has happened around the wisner house.

dying of suspense?

this is what has happened in the wisner house...

all of you who have been praying about our feeding situation, we thank you. the goo is still nursing, morning and night. but during the day, playtex ventaire. to the people of playtex, our hearts are with you this new year.

and to aunt emily and uncle bob, we thank you a thousand times over.

(yes, that's the goo being fed by a bottle)

you might be thinking this post would be all about christmas. well, it is. the playtex ventaire and my brother and his wife are the reason for the season this year. :)

i have been having SO MUCH TROUBLE nursing the goo that it was stressing me out and i was simply NOT enjoying my sweet goo. so i decided i had to do something about it. my niece (who is by far the cutest little girl i've seen) takes a bottle, and in my opinion my brother and his wife are experts in this field. so i told them that they had 3 days to get my "anti-bottle" baby on a bottle. and first try...I KID YOU NOT! aunt emily tried a couple of positions and different bottles. and then i heard that sound. that sucking sound. that drinking sound. that sound of nourishment. and i am serious when i say this. i was crying. ask bob or emily. real tears.

and my hats off to the goo. sweetheart, you did it. we are going to make it, you and me. and we are going to have some fun. we are going to go places. in public. god bless you!

that's our big news. christmas went absolutely flawless. scored myself a pedicure with my mom and sister-in-law. felt guilty that i wasn't doing much talking. but ONE WHOLE HOUR without anyone under the age of 31 was complete bliss. i shut my eyes and imagined myself on a beach somewhere...

buz helped me enter the age of technology. (i used to see myself as pretty technologically savvy, but due to children entering my life, i couldn't tell you one top 40 song on the radio or #1 selling item at best buy. that pains me.) but again, thanks to buz, i drove back home with one of these in my purse...

now, of course, i have no idea how to use it, and i have been feverishly calling my brother asking question after question. but don't think i'm not going to be the hippest mom in town. hmmm...what's the first song i will download?? any suggestions? perhaps something by air supply or lionel richie? :)

my other christmas gift was something i have been REALLY hoping for for a long time.

and i have no idea how to use this either. but i will definitely use one of my dork out nights to read through the instruction manual. you're saying, "i thought you didn't like flash pictures," and you're right. but in my house (aka the cave), i have no light, and all of my pictures are either grainy or dark, neither of which i like. so we'll give the 'ole sb-600 a go.

big h did really well this weekend with his cousins that he sees a whopping once a year. (we must fix that.) he has a 4-year-old boy cousin, a 3-year-old girl cousin, and a 7-month-old girl cousin. he was fixated on his 7-month-old cousin. maybe it's because of the goo. i don't know. but if you didn't know where he was, look for her. he was lovin' on her all over the place.

speaking of addie kate, the goo loved her too. they are going to be the best of friends. i just know it.

and as always, uncle brad right in the midst of all the fun.

have i mentioned how beautiful my niece is?

and weentrab, have some news for you. pretty bad PR on our photographer's part. we had it scheduled for noon on christmas eve at our church. not great lighting, if you ask me, but you didn't. after MANY bribes, henry had pitched one his grand mal fits and was a sheer delight to be around. greta had already spit up on her christmas dress. and i'm pretty sure i had lipstick on my teeth. mind you, i think the last time i wore lipstick wedding? back to the photographer. SHE FORGOT! she had an opportunity to go out of town at the last minute and DID! so we have a couple of shots from mom's point and shoot that happened to be in her purse. but of course, the battery was almost dead, so the flash didn't work on the last couple. and every picture has big h crying. lovely. so weentrab, please do NOT even ask about our family picture. want to have some work when you get home? want to take some of us? :) (as though you don't have anything ELSE to do?)

spending time with my brother and his family was definitely the highlight of this christmas. it was so fun for henry to be around his cousins and aunt and uncle. and they all got along so well. my sister-in-law continues to get more and more beautiful (perhaps because she got my daughter on a bottle), even after having 3 children. and my brother and i STILL have a great time being with each other.

so whew! there you have it. our latest.


Sugar Photography said...

first, congrats on the bottle-I am thrilled for you (as only the mommy of 2 bf kids who refused their bottles can be).

second, when you figure out your i-pod, can you come over and work on mine next? yep-I joined the hip mom generation too (lime green, in case you were curious)...just can't get it to load (or whatever).

third, FORGOT? as in "I'm so sorry, I'm on an island" forgot? or "I just left town 10 minutes ago and am too lazy to rush back".

Can I beat her (him?) up for you? Did you get anything free out of it?

seriously, that just stinks.

Kelly from Montana said...

so much has gone in your life - feel like i haven't talked to you in a year! very proud of goo! sounds like a good time was had by all for christmas! joe entered your ipod world too:) hopefully we can catch up this weekend! miss you terribly!

Kelly from Montana said...

please add to your list...
love you - k

Big Mama said...

Okay, I've had an iPod for awhile now and P keeps telling me that it loses all coolness points because it's full of James Taylor music (and maybe some Lionel Richie).