Tuesday, December 12, 2006

big week for the goo...

it's like she has changed over night. last week, i saw something white in her mouth. the girl spits up all day every day. spit up. white. that's what it was. i knew it. surely. wait...

a tooth? she's FOUR months old!

a tooth?

yes, a tooth! sheer craziness! reason behind her constant crankiness these days, i guess. and then today, big girl decided she was old enough to join us at the table. thanks, goo! we loved having you!

(i'm not sure i have EVER seen a more unflattering picture of myself.)

and winter janet? where, oh where, is she? i mean, we saw her poke her head for the one-day "arctic blast." (translation: one day of below-60 weather.) and now our trusty friends at the weather channel are telling us it's going to be EIGHTY on wednesday? i'm sorry...what? pack your bags, winter janet. maybe we'll see you next year.

we, meaning all THREE of us, went back to presby to visit my buddy sarah, who just had her 2nd baby. gosh, i was dreading this visit due to my little man possibly having one or more meltdowns of an unknown nature. the guy never ceases to amaze me. he went into her hospital room where she, her husband, and the baby were. he proceeded to sit on the chair, open his "cheesy crackers" and eat and play with buzz lightyear. and then every time the baby would sneeze, he was SO concerned and would say, "oh God bless you, baby. what a sneeze! you ok?" i'm sorry -- whose child is this? and then he whipped out his memory of steel. (i love when he does this.) presby is the same place we had both of our children. when greta was born, my parents would bring him up one time during the day, he and buz would go to the vending machine and get animal crackers and he would watch something on our little portable DVD player, so we could visit with my parents and ooh and ahh over the baby. so today, i told him we were going to the hospital to see sarah's baby, and he said, "oh! the hopissal! we get aminal crackers and watch sum-ping together?" literally, the kid kept it together the entire time.


we got to the car. and i asked the dreaded question. "henry, what would you like for lunch?" not sure exactly why he interpreted it as "henry, would you like a spanking or time out for lunch?" the kid went nuts. i was on the phone with my buddy marino (marino, i love the heck out of you. hope your christmas shopping was successful.), and she got to hear the lovely sound of whiny 3-year-old noise.

tomorrow is mothers' day out. hmmm...goo, what should we do? perhaps wrap at least ONE christmas present? i have not wrapped a SINGLE present! for those of you who know me, you should find this quite surprising. my OCD comes out at christmas and birthdays. i love wrapping. much like i love laundry and vacuuming. the instant gratification.

and just some life lessons we've recently learned from big h.

  1. make friends with inanimate objects. yesterday we were on our way home from picking him up from school. he walks up to the door to go inside and says, "hey home, wassup? can we come inside? um...ok, said the home."
  2. always include your siblings. "hey, baby. this is my buz. he has wings and a belt. he flies and he is friends with my friend called woody. you wanna watch cars with me?"
  3. positive self-image. we go to pick him from school, and as we're walking to the car, he says, "mama, baby sure is happy to see me."
  4. admit defeat. he was trying to zip up a CD case and proceeds to tell me, "you know, mama, this is really much harder than it looks."
  5. learn a foreign language. i picked him up from school. "gazuntite, mommy." (i don't know how to spell that.) where does he get this stuff?
  6. look out for those younger than you. when buz and i sing, he quickly says, "hey you guys. no more singing. that is too loud for little baby." (we think he just doesn't like our singing.)


gramma wiz said...

I love the life lessons and to read how he talks makes me feel like I am right there with you guys. I love you all sooooooo much. Love, Me

Marino said...

Big Jan~

Love the life lessons from Big H...we should all strive for those! And, had an extremely successful shopping trip & loved getting to catch up with you on the phone....and thought you handled Big H's whining beautifully!!!

Love ya friend!