Thursday, December 07, 2006

don't take it personally, don't take it personally...

big h and i were in the guest room, and i was feeding the goo. typically, i tell him not to come in while i'm feeding her because she is SO easily distracted (she comes by that naturally). and he only has two volumes -- loud and a LOT louder. so he was in there trying so hard to be really quiet. he went to take off my shoes. i assured him he did NOT want to take off my shoes because i didn't wear socks today, and these are the infamous smelly shoes. don't get me wrong -- they are cute shoes, but they are some stinky ones, if i must admit online. so he doesn't listen to me, shocker, and he takes them off. and proceeds to say, "oh mama, what's that awful smell? did a skunk spray you?" nice. be blunt next time, why don't you henry? (for the reference of that comment, see "Curious George goes camping.")

today began with little goo getting up before she is "supposed to." always throws a kink in the day. but we bounced back. dropped big h off at school, and we headed down to my former place of employment. reminds of the days when i used to accomplish things. :) met with the lactation nurse. yes, i am STILL at it. greta doesn't like the bottle but isn't that great of a nurser either. rock and a hard place, you might say. of course, greta was a total champ in front of her. stinker. then, we went to see my old co-worker and now friend, lowra. good to see her and catch up, as well as give her the pictures i took of her baby, who is 5 days younger than the goo. also, got to see our labor and delivery nurse who happens to know the Lord and has become a little part of our family. we love you, meredith! had lunch with lowra (just like old times). and the best part was that today the job i went back to was henry and greta. uneventful afternoon. made $25 doing a survey on cashews. random. but can never go wrong making $$ eating, right?

and now, the day is over. and tomorrow is friday. praise the Lord! daddy home for 2 days! oh, and to report -- dad LOVES his new job, and mom and the kiddos LOVE his new "commute."

and some recent pictures.

greta the day after our "arctic blast" (i PROMISE she's a happy little baby. i PROMISE!)

dad and his munchkins

greta, the tomboy

my little man and his "yite-ning ah-keen" (lightning mcqueen)

the goo trying out the jumper

and enamored with her brother

h lovin on his sister

meredith, our amazing labor and delivery nurse