Thursday, November 04, 2010


not sure where to begin. can't believe today is here. sad. happy. overwhelmed. proud.

you're seven.

you're in first grade.

you are a complete RAY. OF. SUNSHINE. all the time.

everyone who knows you, loves you.

tonight we had your birthday party. your lego birthday party. lego cupcakes. lego candy. lego remote control car race. lego building. lego bingo. and a trip to the lego store.

there are things i don't want to forget about you right now:
  • for some reason, you have acquired a boston accent.
  • you love anakin skywalker.
  • your donut order at the (what i think is the gross) blue donut store is: one kolache not heated, one little sprinkle donut, one blue donut, and some blue donut holes.
  • you don't like chick-fil-a anymore. which is insane.
  • you are trying to learn how to tie your shoes. you can do the rabbit ears, but not the loop.
  • you like to say "dude."
  • you like to say "mom, you're going to freak out..."
  • you tried spaghettios for the first time and liked them.
  • you tried lasagna and liked it.
  • you tried steak and pork tenderloin and liked them.
  • you like to try to write your name in cursive.
  • you know how to search on YouTube.
  • you sleep with a lamp on.
  • you love playing star wars on dad's playstation3.
  • you know how to do more things electronically than nana.
  • you know how to work the remote.
  • you love wearing superhero jammies.
  • you make your bed in the morning. not great. but you do it.
  • you talk in your sleep. mostly about star wars.
  • you like to sing, "everybody dance now" and "who let the dogs out."
  • you like to watch fresh beat band, and dad and i DETEST that show and are very surprised you actually like it.
  • you are incredibly sweet to goo, even though she's horrible to you sometimes.
  • your favorite foods are: chocolate chip eggos, happy meals (especially when it features a new toy), mcdonalds for lunch, chipotle (even though you only get rice and cheese, and you like to order the cheese on the side so it doesn't melt), pasta with parmesan cheese, rice, chicken, mexican rice, fish sticks, popsicles
  • your favorite superheroes are: batman, ironman, spiderman.
  • your favorite dessert: hershey bar.
  • your favorite drink: blue coconut slush from sonic.
  • your favorite restaurants: chipotle, freebirds, mcdonalds.
  • you love going to church.
  • you never meet a stranger.
  • you love going to school.
  • you can build legos faster than any other males in our family.
  • your favorite show: hero factory (for the record, i HATE hero factory). you also still like backyardigans
  • you'll watch any show with goo just to be with her. but you'd never admit it.
  • you love cheering for the baylor bears, ou sooners, and the green bay packers.
  • you've only lost one bottom front tooth.
  • you wear a size 7 in clothes, and a size 1 in shoes.
  • you only wear button shirts to church or for a special occasion (i.e. i tell you to). :) you wear pants and a short-sleeve t-shirt everyday.
  • you wear super hero socks.
  • you have really great hair. people always comment on it.
  • you wear the same shoes everyday. except on sunday, when you wear your church shoes.
  • your friends love having you over, and your friends' parents love having you over. your kindergarten teacher (mrs. b) LOVED you and you guys still say hi to each other in the halls.
  • you love going to get coffee and donuts with dad on saturday mornings.
  • you are madly in love with EK. you constantly touch her face. she doesn't love this, but you don't care. you can't help it.
  • you still sometimes get in our bed and snuggle with me when dad's gone. i'm going to miss the day when you don't snuggle.
  • you give great hugs.
  • you still love to be tucked in.
  • you have more legos than anyone we know.
  • you love to sing in the car.
  • you sit in the back of the van now that EK is here. it makes me sad because i don't get to talk to you as much because you're so "far away."
  • you still hold my hand when we cross the street. i'll miss the day when you don't do that.
  • you rarely disobey. i say that with so much confidence because the one thing i say about you more than anything else is "he's just a great kid."
  • daddy is your best friend.
  • when you get "into" something, you learn everything about it. star wars, legos, superheroes, etc.
  • you've gotten smiley faces on your behavior chart EVERYDAY since school started.
  • you joined the running club at school this year.
  • i've missed you since EK got here. i don't walk you to school anymore. daddy does. :(
  • you are a reading maniac.
  • you are a writing maniac.
  • you are fascinated by math.
  • you fall asleep in a matter of 3.7 seconds after your head hits the pillow. granted, it takes you hours for your head to actually hit the pillow.
  • you help goo with her seatbelt. she hates that she needs help. but you do it everytime.
  • you love to help. period.
  • you entered this world at 6:39 in the morning. i think that's actually the latest you've ever woken up since then.
  • you JUMP out of bed with a smile on your face and a song out of your mouth.
  • if i ever ask you a favor, you ALWAYS say, "sure." but it sounds like "souer."
big h, i am madly in love with you. you are a JOY to be around. you are so agreeable. you love to help. i am honored to be your mommy. i pray daily that you'll come to know Jesus soon. i pray for your wife. i pray for your education. i pray for your current friends and teachers and future friends and teachers. i pray for your relationship with goo. i pray for your relationship with EK. i pray for your relationship with daddy. and i pray for your relationship with me.

i love you, buddy. more than you will ever know.


Sarah said...

the last picture says it all.