Thursday, November 04, 2010

ek 3months

you are three months now. and i feel like so much has changed. you are very aware of your surroundings.
  • you smile a lot. especially on your changing table.
  • you got strep. the people at the pediatric urgent care could NOT believe it. as a two and a half year old. you're already a teacher's pet. overachiever.
  • this one's and i finally figured out the regular/normal nursing hold. hallelujah!
  • still not a good nurser. and i get so frustrated/sad. we keep going/talking to the lactation nurse. most days i tell myself, "i'm SO done. so over this constant working at it. constantly worrying about what you're getting. screw it. i'm throwing in the towel." and then you go and have a good feeding, and it confuses me SO MUCH.
  • don't like to nurse alert. would rather nurse sleepy.
  • don't like to nap. granted, you don't have a lot of opportunities to do so. we're either taking your siblings to school or picking them up.
  • sleep good at night. as in i feed you and put you to bed between 730-830, and i usually have to wake you up to take goo to school. at 845. rock freaking star.
  • chubby. you have rubberband arms and legs. they are delicious.
  • you have no hair. you probably won't until you turn three if you're like your sister.
  • your brother and sister can NOT stop touching you.
  • you smile when you're finished nursing. it's a fabulous smile.
  • you still love to be swaddled when you sleep.
  • can now recognize daddy and me.
  • you smile ENORMOUS smiles.
  • you like to shake-uh-shake-uh in the bathtub.
  • you like the activity mat, with the musical light star.
  • you're drooling a ton. lactation nurse and pediatrician believe it's teething. again with the overachieving. they also feel like that may be part of your nursing problem.
  • you like to suck your thumb. you'd love to get your whole fist in there if you could.
  • you do NOT like your car seat. have i mentioned that before?
  • your fingers and toes are ALWAYS freezing cold.
  • you like to bang your jaw right into dad's jaw right before he hands you over to me...just to make him feel bad.
  • you like to sit in your pink bouncy while dad or i are making dinner. and you like to listen to itunes while sitting there.
  • you love your changing table.
  • when you smile, you are ALL GUMS.
  • you wear a size 3 diaper.
  • you wear 3-6 month clothes.
  • as of the end of october, you weighed 14#8. chubby.
  • dad loves zipper jammies. they're easy for him at night. though, you don't get up at night anymore.
  • you have a great smile.
  • you love your moby wrap
  • you used to like to nurse on the right side more than the left. (the left side comes out a lot faster.) but now, i literally cross my fingers and pray that you'll eat well without starting to breathe fast, choke, get frustrated, and stop.
  • we've seen the lactation nurse a lot. some days, i feel comfortable with your eating. other days...not so much.
  • you are spitting up less these days.
  • you like to go on walks in a stroller with us after dinner.
  • you love being in the towel after your bath but do NOT like getting out of your towel and into your jammies.
  • because you're alert a lot more these days, you cry a lot more. you're like your brother in that you don't really have a content state. you are either eating (which i'm constantly praying about), sleeping, or crying. or smiling on your changing table. :)
we love you so much. bigH and goo are starting to really interact with you more. and i love watching that. not that we want to wish this stage away, but life would get a lot easier if you'd start eating better. because you'd be happier, daddy would be more content, bigH and goo would enjoy you more. and i? would love it!

ek, you're the best!

you meeting your uncle (my brother) for the first time. clearly, you were thrilled.

the moby wrap. i know it LOOKS like you can't breathe, but i PROMISE. you LOVE it.

you. are. breathtaking.


Sarah said...

i could draw her profile with a compass. her cheeks are delicious!