Thursday, November 04, 2010


(preface: no idea why the spacing is off. it's driving me nuts. but i can't fix it. ugh.)

goo. you turned for back in july. but we had *several* things going on back in july. well, really just one. one little 7#4 thing.

we had your birthday party at the neighborhood pool. we had pizza. all of your little friends came. we gave huge backyard bounce balls for party favors.

ten days later, you got a sister. and you decided you need to speak up for yourself and start having opinions.

  • you only want to wear pink and purple, preferably sparkly.
  • want to wear the same thing everyday.
  • you want to wear a tank top and skirt. and they never NEVER match. this has been a tough pill for me to swallow.
  • you won't wear pants.
  • you like to wear leggings as pants. with a shirt but not with a dress or skirt on top. i've had to put my foot down on that one.
  • you like to wear character socks. even with your purple patent mary janes.
  • you love polly pockets.
  • you love my little ponies.
  • you love to play with my iphone and are amazingly good at navigating your way through it.
  • don't like to have hair brushed. at all. and i wish i could brush your hair. every. day. you have beautiful hair. beautiful color. curly but not too curly.
  • you are a world-class fit pitcher. i won't elaborate.
  • won't wear something just because you're supposed to. for example, when you had a hoedown at school, you refused to wear anything cowboy. no cowboys boots, no cowboy hats, no denim.
  • you wear a size 6 in clothes, and a size 11 or 12 shoe.
  • people always think you're much older than you are because you are very tall. dad and i aren't sure where that came from.
  • you want to be three so you can go back to your old preschool class.
  • you had a VERY HARD transition going back to school. even though this is your third year at the same school.
  • you had a VERY HARD transition going back to church. we didn't go a whole lot this summer because of various reasons. but you had a really tough time getting back in the routine.
  • you always have hair in your face. you look like cousin it all the time. and even when i put a bow in or ponytails, you end the day with hair in your face.
  • you like the show timmy time. and fresh beat band. and doodle bops.
  • you like to play tag but get mad if you're tagged.
  • you play hide and seek but tell us where you're going to hide.
  • you love your brother but get very frustrated with him. but you LOVE him. you want to be just like him. and do everything with him. you guys bicker a lot right now, but daddy and i are working on that.
  • you love EK, and you have a voice that only gets used when you're with her. it's very high pitched, and all you say is, "uh huh. hi EK. yeah. you're so cute. uh huh. yeah."
  • you love to say toesies.
  • "muh" (pink blanket) still remains your very best friend. really, she's the only one who understands you.
  • there are three types of stories you want daddy to tell you at night: princess, "buh-yuh-reena" (ballerina), or school.
  • you love to draw and color (cuh-yer).
  • you called crayons crare-runs.
  • you like cereal and milk for breakfast. that's about all you'll eat for breakfast. sometimes a poptart. and donuts.
  • you love "shower food." pickles, cherry tomatoes, mini corns, pepperoni, crackers, any and all fruit.
  • you always want to get me a donut when you go with daddy and bigH. you want to get me a "hot one." (heart one. forever, daddy thought you meant krispy kreme.)
  • you always want to do things "tomorrow." wear that tomorrow. have tickle day tomorrow. have your birthday tomorrow.
  • when you like things, you say, "oh i YUB it." and you say "uh YOT" for a lot.
  • you say things that don't make sense or go together. "mom, if i don't put that paper in my bag, i'm not going to be able to have ariel in the bathtub." so i say, "huh?" to you a lot.
  • you always compliment me on my jewelry.
  • you are a champion dilly-dallier.
  • you have gorgeous eyes.
  • i love to snuggle with you on the couch under the blanket when we watch something together.
  • your friends are claire, georgia, ashlyn, ella, and seth.
  • i love to watch you tip toe. it is freaking hysterical.
  • you are very shy when we have people over. almost to the point of being rude. but it really is just you being shy.
  • you love band-aids with every ounce of your being. in fact, sometimes you get up in the middle of the night, sneak into the bathroom, put on several, and go back to sleep. i wake up in the morning to band-aid wrappers all over the floor.
  • you love fruits and vegetables. you love trees (broccoli), asparagus, carrots, corn, tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, apples, nectarines, grapes, cucumbers, bell peppers.
  • you don't dress up like a princess as much anymore, which makes me sad. now, you just change your clothes multiple times a day, which makes me more sad. and not because you love fashion.
  • when dad and i talk about you and how unique you are, we always just look at each other and say, "goo..."
  • often when you are pitching a fit or are about to, i ask you to go to your room to find your happy place/face. then, you come out minutes later saying, "ok, well that's over. i have my happy face on." by that time i've had a drink.
  • you like to sit in the back seat with bigH on fridays as something fun. and you always say before you ask if you can sit back there, "mom, i PROMISE i'll be kind to him." clearly, you've heard me ask that a time or two.
  • you love sweets.
  • you are always the one to pray before meal time. "dear jesus. thank you for this food. and let us all not get ouchies on our little toes with blood."
you're an amazing little girl. very bright. and you march to the beat of your own little drum. and God is teaching me that that will be a beautiful character trait later on. and i'm trusting Him on that. this year has been a trying time for you and me. but i pray everyday for so many things for you. for your precious spirit -- that i wouldn't crush it but rather encourage it. for your heart -- that you would truly learn kindness. for your spouse -- that he can keep up with you. for your friendships. for your words -- that you would honor Him in all you do and say. you are a piece of work. but i wouldn't have it any other way. you have given me so many grey hairs. but they are there for a reason. you are testing all of my mothering/parenting skills. but i appreciate you for it.

goo, i love you so much. you have blessed our life SO MUCH. i love that we're pals. i love that i'm starting to figure you out. it's taken me a while.


Michelle said...

I love this and precious goo! Ella needs to play with her soon! real soon.

Sarah said...

there are no words for how beautiful goo is. that hair. those eyes. that smile. every ounce of her being.

Jeanette Krzyzek said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love how you write all the things you don't want to forget. Brilliant idea. A picture is worth a thousand words, but it's so cool to accompany your photographs with documentation in writing of what your children are doing at that stage of their life. LOVE IT!!!! Keep 'em coming!!!! :)

Ciao for now!

Alana said...

Hey sweet girl! Wow, your kiddos are getting so BIG! When did goo turn into a little girl?!?

R said...

how did i miss this one?! i'm just now seeing it.

and the personal style? you could have been writing about M! down to the leggings and shirt combos! and dilly-dallying!