Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy fathers day


a very special friend of mine lost her daddy this year. she has three little girls and a rad husband. and one of the things she told me that she missed the most was photos of her dad with her children.

this year, i was DETERMINED to start taking photos with my parents (and hopefully in-laws when they come for baby3's arrival).

it's taken me a while. but i started today. thank you, lauren, for encouraging me and inspiring me.

can we pause for a moment and talk about how cute my dad is?

*moment of silence for cuteness*

and today my kiddos got to celebrate buz. big h got him an ironman t-shirt. (of COURSE he did.) and buz loved it. (of COURSE he did.) goo got him a new swimsuit. and told him about it beforehand. which made big h mad. oh well. and i got him a new nike watch. we went to church. then out to lunch with my parents. then, rest time. then, i had the brilliant idea of going to the pool as a family after rest time. and having "dinner" there. everyone was all for it. got there at 530pm. and realized it closes at 6 on sundays.

i rock.

so we left, got $1 hot dogs and sno cones. came home and got jammies and snuggled with popcorn and a movie.

couldn't even TRY to begin to describe in words what a freaking rockstar of a daddy buz is. big h literally ADORES him. goo has this quiet little special place in her heart for him. like she KNOWS what to look for in a husband. and doodle has NO IDEA what he/she is in for. so incredibly lucky.

love you, big ace.

love you, buz.

oh, and on fathers' day? bigH revealed that one of his teeth felt "a little funny." and then i realized it was a bit loose. or "wiggly."

he has been on cloud 9 all day just HOPING it will fall out. so we had to photograph his mouth one last time before the first falls out.

i won't lie. i cried today. one more milestone that proves big H is NOT a baby.


Aimee said...

Your dad is adorable! And I can't believe Big H is losing his first tooth! Congrats to him!!!

R said...

"i rock"

diet coke out my nose, janet! that made me laugh so hard!

good point about pictures with our dads and kids. i feel the same way about pictures of me and J. there are so very few pictures of my grandparents when they were young and newly married. i want to make it a point to change that with me and J. i want to remember "us" when we were young and somewhat still pretty! :0)

Nicole - Life in Progress said...

I don't even know where to start with the adorable-ness of this post! So sweet.....and yes, your dad is cute! I also love that last picture of BigH, rockin' the toothy smile.