Friday, July 02, 2010

freaking awesome hair

so my friend jenny.

had a baby girl several (4?) months ago. and i hadn't had a chance to get my hands on her until a couple of weeks ago. we were going to do some family pictures.

but then we both remembered we live in DALLAS. and DALLAS in JULY. well, sweaty pictures are NOT cute. at all.

so we decided on just some casual and fun summer pictures in the park.

casual and fun? doesn't equal any less FREAKING HOT. seems my friend jenny doesn't sweat, though. (hate her. not really.) people who don't sweat really intrigue me. irritate me too.

anyway, i got to enjoy a fun morning with her and her kiddos.

sidenote: i was approximately thirty-four weeks pregnant this certain morning. which wasn't a big deal. except for the fact that forty-eight hours after spending the morning with them, my LARGE PREGNANT body showed up covered in chigger bites. in extremely intimate places. EXTREMELY INTIMATE places. as my mom likes to say...TMI. sorry.

luckily, her family all managed to escape the chiggers. whew.

seriously, we had such a good time. they got to go meet daddy for lunch afterwards. and i got to go shower.

when it was all over, they definitely deserved a sucker. but only if they would tell me how old they were.

they truly adore each other. so much fun.

and REALLY love their mama.

um, hello beautiful.

thank you, fun jenny. :)


Jenny said...

Aw. Thank you Fun Janet!! I hope there's not an extra charge for chiggers. ;)
love what you do :)