Sunday, January 13, 2008

date with a good looking fella

today big h and i had a date. i mean, it was a date in the sense that it was just the two of us and it involved food.

never mind that it was a trip to the haircut place for him and costco for us to get toilet paper.

for all intents and purposes, it was a date.

i was amazed at so many things while i was out. for the record, i am always amazed at a lot while i'm out. people fascinate me.

first of all, big h has awesome hair. i don't mind bragging. he does. people that know him? come forth. vouch for me. doesn't he? when he gets it cut, i always mourn the loss of the hair beauty. but the fact that we do it all of twice a year makes up for any grieving i might go through. because there was a time big h didn't care so much for the haircut. i know. you're surprised. because he's such an easy going, laid back kind of guy.

or not.

so because we only go twice a year, we get a car from the movie CARS. i know. they sell them. at the haircut place. marketing genius.

big h asks to get his hair cut.

so today, when we left, he said, "mama, you know. i just don't yook anything yike myself. i don't, right?" and he didn't.

because the stylist put so much gel in his hair that i could've held him by his hair and he would've never noticed a thing. not only did she "gel" him, she parted and slicked it down. dennis the menace? i don't even know who i can come up with, but it was so. bad. i can't describe it or do it justice. big h did it justice. "mama, i just don't yook anything yike myself. i don't, right?"

but we got a car out of the deal, which made the day for my little man.

headed to costco. we dined first. have you had their pizza? i have no doubt it is not quite the healthiest option for those of you with new years' resolutions. but wow. it's delicious.

and here is where i noticed something that made me smile. shouldn't have made me smile. but it did. some little boy was having a tantrum. not just some cute, little overlookable (that's my own word) tantrum. we're talking doozie of all doozies. and the poor dad was trying to negotiate with him. trying to talk sweet. trying to find out what he "needed." trying to reason.

bless his heart.

it was so enjoyable because a) i've been there and b) i wasn't there today. so i looked over to my 10-year-old-looking little boy and told him how much i loved him. had to seize the moment.

we made our way to the toilet paper aisle. and had a great time with my little man.

and my little man? who didn't talk until he turned three? hasn't missed a moment. not. a. moment. he gave me rave reviews of every. thing. on. every. aisle. i was well informed by the end of our shopping experience. and so were our fellow patrons.

and then, little man fell asleep. in the car. and there was peace.

until we got home. and saw his best friend. daddy. and there was much information shared re: new cars and pizza and yittle boys crying and toilet paper and haircuts and YOTS MORE STUFF DADDY!
oh, and have i mentioned how easy it was to be with only ONE child? well, it was easy. and fun.

good day all around.

i can't forget to mention the goo. um yeah, this is what she wore to church today.

well, not the hat. i mean, she's a lady and all.

it's called pride. i love this punkin. i can't get enough of her.

and yes, we watched the game yesterday. and yes, we wished we were there. but we're not going to negate the fun time we had two weeks ago.

oh, but the snow................


wads and bob said...

I will certainly vouch for you that Big H indeed has great hair. Great color, great texture, and has brought many a smile to my face, especially when it hasn't been brushed.

Glad y'all had fun!

Janelle said...

Sounds magical! I love moments with just one child. They are SO easy.

Love the cheerleader! Especially the church-going kind.

Alana said...

Sounds like a fabulous date. I love those special moments with my fun.

How interesting that he knew he didn't "yook yike" himself.