Wednesday, January 09, 2008

been away from the computer for a while.

we ended up not celebrating the new year with a little bubbly and nana. we celebrated in the air on the way back from green bay. and not even any peanuts.

after more than several delays, we arrived in the metroplex at two in the morning.

happy new year.

new year's day was tough, getting back into the swing of things. plus, buz caught some funk that he still can't get rid of. though, the z-pack is doing its best to give this little number the boot.

didn't post any pictures of Christmas. our Christmas was good. a little overwhelming for big h. as a four-year-old, it's too much to ask for several things and actually receive all three of them. not to mention presents from grandparents and cousins. so in the spirit of not being a scrooge, here is why i didn't post any Christmas pictures.

see how cute we were all going to be in our little matching jammies and jeans? well, big h wouldn't have any part of the whole jean idea. shocker. and goo? well, weentrab is THE ONLY PERSON to get her to smile. the girl makes you work for it.

and i find it almost comical that buz and i are smiling, like nothing at all is wrong. just life as normal.

but we had a very merry Christmas. had nana and papa over for Christmas pizza. what is Christmas pizza, you might ask? well, i may very well be the ONLY PERSON alive who doesn't like *the holiday meal.* turkey, dressing, potatoes, casserole upon casserole, etc. it's just too much for me. i watched my mom remain in the kitchen for every holiday my whole life, and now that i'm older and more mature (laughing to myself), i don't want to spend the holiday in the kitchen. not to mention that i don't like to cook at all anyway. also, i just don't like the meal. too heavy. so i decided i wanted to have a new tradition...Christmas pizza. buz is not sold on the idea. but we'll see. it was awesome. we had Christmas pizza for lunch, and seven-layer dip for dinner. i loved every minute of it. and talk about relaxing? pretty much perfect.

and now life is back to "normal," whatever that means.


stacey said...

looks normal to me :)

and ditto on the holiday dinner thing. i prefer a good mexican spread or maybe even bbq.

Janelle said...

Love the picture. Denial is a beautiful thing for parents.

Great idea for Christmas pizza. Keep it simple. We live on a huge spread of appetizers for 2 days. I love it! So easy.

R said...

What a great idea! Both of our parents are divorced, so that creates a million houses to hit for the holidays, thus no big meal at our house. But when we one day decide to eliminate the chaos and simply stay home the four of us, Christmas pizza may be just the thing!

On another note...we got your Christmas card yesterday. CUTE CUTE CUTE! Dying to know how you did it. Did you order them or do them yourself?

Kelly from Montana said...

do u remember me? i promise we will talk someday...
i'd like to know where you got your awesome cards printed too.
next year - you are on again for pics and card making for our clan! name the price!

Alana said...

Well, I like the meal, but I don't like the cooking. Who wants to spend their whole day in the kitchen? Not me. I think the Christmas Pizza idea could catch on!

Reed's mom said...

Got your Cmas card today--adorable as it is every year! You all are too cute! I have officially set up a blog---whoohoo! Not quite sure I know exactly what I'm doing, but it's fun trying. So I put you all on as one of my reads. I think when I leave this comment it will have a link to ours. Oh, and by the way we found out our baby is going to be a GIRL! Definitely to my surprise! Take care. Love,