Monday, January 28, 2008

it's time.

really, it is.

time to get my haven'tcleanedmyselfinthreedays a shower.

time to locate my hair dryer and use it.

time to strip off my "sick clothes". you know. the husband's fraternity t-shirt from the early 90s. the elastic waist pants with no elastic anymore. the old man's slippers.

time to make the bed. for the first time in four days.

time to go to the grocery store. for something other than soup, orange juice, and my favorite medicine of all time. real food. food for my family that doesn't come out of a box from the freezer.

don't get me wrong. my soup and sprite diet really worked for me this weekend and all. but i'm tired of it.

i am NOT a good sick person. i'm just not. you people out there that write blog posts while incredibly ill. well, more power to you. because i have 1) no laptop and 2) a major guilty conscience. meaning, i would be mortified if buz came in while i was trying to come up with some cute way of saying, "i'm probably not going to make it" on the internet. meanwhile, he is managing both kiddos and not resting or relaxing at all. oh, and it just happened to be the weekend. when he normally enjoys some rest or relaxation. neither for this guy. oh, and this just happened to be the weekend when my in-laws come to town? the weekend i wanted goo to be well for? irony is a funny thing. luckily, i was well friday night. we had our insanely cute sitter over, and we had a double date with my in-laws. some of you may be cringing. but it was so much fun. we had dinner alone with no kids and had adult conversation. it was great.

saturday came. oh, how saturday came. came and knocked me upside the head. i vaguely telling buz, "i think i really don't feel good." that was about all i remember from saturday. well, other than somehow staying awake during the miss america pageant.

sunday, i stayed in bed until ten in the morning. and remained in my "sick clothes" the entire day. my in-laws came over one more time before they left to go home. they got to watch big h ride his bicycle and goo ride her little roller coaster.

you want to talk trooper? it's spelled b-u-z. the guy cooked and basically did everything for two straight days, while i was deemed totally and completely useless. he'll tell you. i am not good at sick.

but today starts a new week. a new beginning. the meds are kicking, and i am determined to fight it. one productive cough at a time.


Janelle said...

Oh, I am so glad you are better. What an awful way to spend the weekend.

Way to go, BUZ!

Alana said...

I think we led parallel lives this weekend. Atleast in the sickness part and I think I was conscious for at least the last half of the pageant. Oh, and mine was the stomach flu. Can you say...I want to die? I did.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you're feeling better. hate that you had to be sick on the weekend. LOVE that buz was home to help!

wads and bob said...

What a trooper, oh sick one! Glad you survived...