Tuesday, July 07, 2009

so i was dusting off the proverbial back burner tonight, and what do you know?

there was a blog there.



same 'ole, same 'ole. i want my blog to be updated. but don't want to be the one to do it. mainly because i don't like sitting on the opposite side of the room from buz in a chair at a computer. and so i don't. and so our little family's life isn't getting documented. i'm taking pictures. and taking video every so often. not as much as i would like. but doing my best. sometimes it just gets overwhelming, you know?

anyway...hi. how are you?

we're going to get right to it. all the things on my mind right now.

  • my "bff" had her third kid. and i couldn't be more excited. and big h and goo came with me to go see her. and they got to hold her. and my ovaries? well, let's just say it was fun to see my kiddos excited about a little baby. there. (no, mom and ms. wiz. we aren't pr*gnant. we're not trying. period. don't let your thoughts get away from you.)
  • my mom and i took big h and goo to my hometown to visit a amusement park for preschool/grade school-age children. they had a BLAST. we stayed at a hotel for two nights, which was exciting enough. we had pizza. we had snow cones. we had ice cream. it was so much fun. buz had a great time being at home without us. well, i mean, not that he had fun without us. but he had fun without us. am i still talking?
  • next week, some of my photography buddies are coming into town for a all-girl sleepover/seminar/Christ-centered retreat. seriously? i couldn't be more excited.
  • swimming lessons were several weeks ago. kerry...we really need to hook up, so you can brag on your daughter, and i can brag on my son. big h kicked butt and took names. i mean, he's no fish in the water. but considering several years ago i was thirty-six weeks pregnant with goo and we were taking "mommy and me" classes, and big h got IN THE WATER on day 6 of eight days. nice. he sat on the side of the pool pouting and pitching massive fits while eating teddy grahams. while i, the whale, got in the water and walked around. i figured i might as well at least get some exercise, right? this year? he rocked it. i couldn't be more excited for him. he likes the water. he still has fears, but he has come so far. and goo? well, she's the goo. i love her. but she may not be michael phelps. course, she's a girl, so she'll never really be a michael phelps. but you know what i mean. at least she likes to get in the water. but she likes to splash mainly. the fact that she fell in the water the and i dove in with my clothes on the day before swim lessons actually started may have had something to do with her resistance. you think?
  • goo and big h are taking gymnastics this summer. that's the only thing they are doing that has any structure. well, other than swim lessons. big h has taken this little tumbling class since i was pregnant with goo. i love it. i love the teacher. and he LOVES it. loves running and jumping and swinging. and this year, goo is taking it. and as i "tweeted" this morning, "I love watching goo at gymnastics. She might be the most uncoordinated person I know. She just fell off the bar. I love that girl to pieces." enough said. she's not dainty or delicate. yet.
  • in two weeks, i'm going on vacation. with my parents, my hubby, and my two kiddos. on an airplane. to go to my cousin's wedding. big h and goo are going to look cute. we don't do this often. most of our friends are already married. we're kind of out of wedding season. we're in "visit friends in the hospital after their baby is born" season. so this is fun. and big h is OVER THE TOP EXCITED about the plane ride. goo? well, she's the goo. she doesn't get excited about much. :)
  • speaking of goo. have i mentioned how much i love that girl? boy, she pushes my buttons these days. but then, she says something sweet, and i'm mush. ooey, gooey mush. she turns three in ten days. TEN DAYS, PEOPLE. how did this happen? don't worry. i'll write her a mushy letter and let you read it. and i'll probably make a sappy slide show set to music that will make you cry. i love doing that.
  • and big h? he's one incredible kid. today, he said, "mama, you're just fun. you're like a big, really HUGE toy." (i loved the emphasis on 'really huge.' the two of them keep me humble.) and then he went on to say i'm so cool that i'm like a human robot mommy that they can play with everyday, anytime they want to. and so because i AM that cool, i started talking in robot voice, "I AM A MOMMY. TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER." it's sad. i really should get out more often.
  • today, i got my hair cut for the first time since LAST memorial day. yes, you read that right. over a YEAR. it was so nice to sit in a chair for a long time and not say a word.

i think that's about it for tonight. looks like i'll be back in a couple of weeks.

these videos are for grandma, grandpa, nana, and papa. and anyone that is actually interested.

goo sings pwinkle pwinkle from janet wisner on Vimeo.

h's kangaroo bops from janet wisner on Vimeo.

goo's swimming instructor, rachel.

big h's swimming instructor, alexander.

rachel again.

evidence of how much goo loves the summer heat. yeah, about as much as mama.


aimee said...

You have been MIA, but I still love you!

Looks like Big H loved his swim lessons.

And I think your sleepover with your photobuddies sounds great!!!

j.ro said...

first off your bathtub is like a super aquatics gymnasium ... it's awesome!

second of all, what a HUGE mama love booster with big h's words to you! so sweet! you go robot mama!

have a fun vacation!

Anonymous said...

pwinkle pwinkle and sinkle sinkle? my heart is mush.

Alana said...

The sentiments in that first paragraph could have been written by me, wait, I have written those sentiments...way too many times. I don't know if I will ever get my bloggy mojo back and I may be okay with that ;-)

Loved your update...your kiddos are going to love reading about how much their Mama loved them someday when they read what you've written in this blog. You are a great Mom!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Girl, I can relate. I love blogging, but lately it's just been hanging over my head!

I did go to Baylor, and I think we're only a year or two apart! Graduated in 2000!

Colored With Memories said...

i just watched a bunch of your vimeos! i love your kiddos variations on "twinkle star" as it is called around here...too cute!

wow! big h's swim instructor means business...he is doing great! we are doing a few private lessons and lily is gaining so much confidence. a pool date is in order for sure!