Monday, June 22, 2009

welcome home, ellie

so...i really, really want to tell you a very long story about how i met J and her husband K. but i won't. because it's long. like longer than normal. i if that were possible.

just know that i ADORE J. you can't help it. first of all, she's about the most darling person i've ever met. and i'm sorry...even though she's *roughly* my age, i have to use the word darling. because she's just that. not to mention she loves Jesus with all that she has. she adores her family. and she and her husband are so much fun to be with. oh, and buz is friends with her husband K. and he thinks he pretty much rocks the house.


long ago, J told me they would be adopting internationally and asked me if i would help document "her" arrival and their new family of four. seriously...i could hardly wait. i had seen pictures of her but had NO IDEA how breathtakingly beautiful she would be.

i met her at the airport, along with about four hundred of their "closest family members and friends." :) it was wonderful. i loved being there. but even more so, i loved looking at the faces of those welcoming this beautiful girl home. there were tears. there was laughter. there were PLENTY of smiles. there was an ABUNDANCE of hugs. i loved every minute. what an honor.

several weeks ago, i got the opportunity to go play with them at the park. and it's crazy. because they are just a little family of four that acts like they have been together forever. again, honored to be there.

J and K, it meant so much to me to hopefully capture some of your early memories of your family of four. but more importantly, i am so blessed to be your friend. thank you.


Anonymous said...

the pics are beautiful janet. what fun!

Casey said...

amazing pics, jan. what sweet moments you've captured! :)

Ani said...

what beautiful pics, what a beafutiful family!

Beck said...

lovely photos, JPW!

Kenny Wade said...

hey janet... somehow i just saw this. I think my blog reading ain't what it used to be... something about two kids versus one kid. anyways...

Thanks for taking these pictures... they turned out great!! Actually, i guess that's two thank yous because both sets turned out great. Not that we're surprised... we totally knew they'd turn out great. But yeah, thanks.

We now have like 8 really big pictures by you in our house. You could put that on a card or something -- Official photographer and life capturer and wall-filler-upper person for the wade family. :)