Monday, July 20, 2009

happy birthday, 3 year old

warning: this is long. as usual. would you expect anything different? :)

(oh, and the beginning? yeah, that's big h singing the princess song to goo when she put on her cinderella dress. that kid ADORES his sister.)

and the letter to my daughter? oh, it's coming. but you know, i'm not brief.

happy 3rd birthday, goo. from janet wisner on Vimeo.


Colored With Memories said...

happy b'day goo! you have less of a baby than I do! jade turning two killed, three? are you alive?

Life In Progress said...

Happy Birthday goo!! Three is such a milestone, truly the end of babyhood. It's okay if you need to cry a little, Mama! You know we're here for you.

Jenny said...

So precious Janet!

(and I *might* have squealed just a little when I saw that Luke made Goo's bday slideshow.)
I know.

Happy Birthday Goo!! said...

so, so sweet janet! and that song big h sang couldn't have been any sweeter!

chrys said...

precious. happy birthday, sweet goo.


Sugar Photography said...

So sweet! I love your song selections-they are perfect!!!

She's such a little princess.

Happy (belated) birthday sweet Goo!

Sarah said...

i'm singing along. Tell the goo HB from SES. And I haven't seen her since the Christmas Eve, that NEVER happens anymore by the way, party and Ed and Sus--as a baby!! I need to see you guys. Miss you.