Saturday, December 05, 2009

the A family

so...i get a message from someone who says they're the next door neighbor of one of my best friends.

i ask said friend. and indeed, this is the case.

she'd like to have some family pictures taken. especially some of little will. he's four months old, and she had gallbladder surgery very soon after. so the whole newborn stage came and went for them.

i got there and had NO IDEA how darling this family would be.


the husband ADORES his family. loves his wife. was a perfect prince to his princess. and clearly was smitten with his little man. and mama? well, she sets the tone of the home. a warm, inviting, calm and peaceful home. where everyone is loved.

oh, and the clothes. typically, i don't comment much on clothes. but oh my. they were all straight out of the jcrew/crewcuts catalog. no, seriously. so incredibly awesome.

we had an absolute ball together. and now when i go to my friend's house, i have one more person i get to say hello to.

thanks, A family. sure do think you're fabulous!


Megan said...

So cute. Are you sure you aren't opening a Minneapolis branch???

PS, I know I owe you an email! :)