Friday, January 05, 2007

we are slowly coming back

well, there is light at the end of the tunnel. the wisners chose to ring in the new year with a trip to the pediatric urgent care on monday. we are always looking for a good time. we didn't really notice that he didn't touch his dinner on new years' eve. we just thought he was too caught up in the moment. monday morning he wakes up and doesn't want breakfast. ok, now i assume something is wrong. when big doesn't want "TWO DINGS AND SOME NOH-NEE, OKAY?" (that is in caps for a reason. he says it extremely loud.) translation here: 2 eggos (they make a ding noise coming out of the toaster. hence, ding.) and noh-nee is milk. always has been. probably always will be. why? no idea. in the beginning stages of his communication, he was making up some way out there words. noh-nee stuck. even though he can say milk, doesn't matter. noh-nee it is.

back to my sob story.

he lays around all day on new years' day. doesn't sleep at all that night and joins us in our bed. translation: no one sleeps. we don't have a problem with those of you who have kids who sleep in your bed. my brother's kids do. but we don't get ANY sleep with henry that close to us. lays around all day tuesday and all day wednesday. finally, wednesday afternoon, his fever is STILL 102, and i am worried. so i take him to see dr. goebel, who henry thinks is actually part of our family. he loves this guy so much. wants to hug and kiss him and will do almost anything for him. strange.

no strep. no flu. suggests getting a chest x-ray on friday if fever is not down. but is stumped by this viral infection of sorts. mind you...h hasn't eaten since sunday. he lays around all day yesterday too. but by this time, mom is ready to get back into the real world. feel a breath of fresh air. pretty sure the goo is sharing cabin fever with mom. so today, we brave it. we meet bff at the mall. we were late. i HATE being late. (bff, i can't apologize enough. again...i am SO SORRY for being late.)

i don't think h was ready to brave it yet. there was lots of whining to be done. lots of fits because we couldn't stay at the puppet store longer. fits because we couldn't buy anything at the puppet store. (since when does my kid know anything about puppets?) whining because we had to go eat lunch. whining about what to have for lunch. whining about having to leave the lunch place because that meant a nap was in his future. you get the drift. i'm sure bff was pleased to enjoy our company. we were a joy to be around. the goo, on the other hand, was well...the goo. she fell asleep in the baby bjorn. how does one fall asleep in this contraption? who knows. but she did. i love this little girl.

home for naps for all. ah...

dad came home and we were off for some exquisite dining. pizza slices at sam's. where else can you get a piece of pizza, kids claritin, enough shout for 2 months, and enough garbage bags for 4 months ALL in the same place?

who knows what tomorrow will hold? but at the rate we're going, the sky's the limit.